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January 11, 2005

Even more poems

Hide Away

Shattered and scattered, broken pieces
Falling onto sodden ground.
Distant drifters seek the pattern,
Not wanting to be found.

Hide away in shame.
Hide away in blame.
Drown in emptiness.

Torn and ripped, rags of hope
Burning on the memorial pyre.
Ragged Ravens feed on remnants
Bloodied within the fire.

Hide away in tears.
Hide away in fears.
Drown in loneliness.

Hide away, hermitage of hate.
Hide away, faeries of fate.
Hide away, no more to see.
Hide away, no memories to be

Hide away
Hide away

Hormonal Heroin

Lost control, running wild,
Coursing through the veins.
Hormonal heroin steals the mind,
Indulging in its wicked games.

Fancied thoughts, lashing limbs,
The pleasure waves and surges,
Driving actions, body bound
By primeval urges.

The moment gone, regrets abound,
Falling through the fears.
Forgotten deeds, half remembered,
Hormonal heroin leads to tears.

Withdrawn and shattered,
Haunted and alone,
No place to run, no place to hide,
Crawling back under the stone.

Crushed and bruised underneath,
The weight of worries and of woe,
A need and ache, for more and more,
Hormonal heroin has control.

In you I see

In you I see myself.
In you I see the fire.
I wanted in my heart.
I donít know where to start.

Trapped somewhere far away
My soul returns the scream.
Despair like a thrusting knife
Driven to the deepest strife.

In you I see a life
In you I see the love
I wanted in my mind
I donít know how to find.

Hidden by the haunting maze
Memories pull me in
Dreams rolling through a misty day
Dragging my sanity away

In you I see the deep
In you I see the freedom
I wanted in my youth
I donít know the truth

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