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November 24, 2004

Poems – the back catalog

Well, I though it was time that I shared some more of my poems with the world. So I have decided to post the entire collection (not all at once!!) on my blog, in no particular order..
So here's the first one.

A Night in the Peak District

The last glowing embers of life
Smothered slowly by the silky shroud,
As darkness spreads his consuming cloak over the land.
Broken only by the plaintiff bleats,
Lambs seeking safety and shelter.
Fairy lights dancing and flitting along silent paths.
The silent silky glow covering all with a silvery shine
As peeping pipistrelles fly and flit
Seeking and searching in the silence.
Solitary stars shine in the sky
Like thoughts in a young mind.
Dreams drift, entering and leaving the mind
Like actors on a stage.
Dark shadows loom as the gloom deepens and grows.
Silent strangers watching and waiting, oblivious to the show.
The quiet crescent dimly fades as blood seeps across the sky.
Lightness entering all our hearts, the dawning of a new day.

And here's the second

The Muse

With soft brown eyes, she surveys the scene,
Thoughts and rhymes flowing through her mind.
Here, but also there, alone with company.
Still like a rock, with warmth in her heart
She provides the inspiration.
Older than her looks allow
Through experience and sensation.
Strangely sensual is her allure
To those who feel her thoughts,
Providing meaning and hope.
Drawn like a moth to the aura,
Destiny's path is taken.
Into a world of more than this,
A dream, forever not to awaken.

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