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December 21, 2004

A few more poems …...

Emotional Experience

In between,
He sat at the edge of the room, trying to show the way.
Talk was scarce, though much needed,
Lots had to be said.
Prompting from the pit, his love lighting the room
As two hearts split asunder.
Friends, dear to him, in turmoil.
Emotions suffocating the air.
He'd seen the despair in their faces,
The pain, cutting so deep.
Both on the edge of insanity.
To help them, he had to try.
At last they were talking, unfortunately far too late.
His help no longer useful,
Time now, only for fate.
Drained and alone, he left the fiery fray.
Dazed, confused, he returned to normality.
He'd tried so very hard.
Time was the healer, for those friends at least.
But for the other, the hurting has never ceased.
Destined to feel the pain of others
Losing faith in those they love.
Helping, quiet, peaceful, gentle,
The solitary, solo, white dove.

Entire Moments In Lost Youth

Entertaining for the soul,
Music in your veins,
Intelligent and feeling,
Living through the pains,
You remind me.

Enigmatic and engaging,
Moments make the years,
Inside those effervescent eyes,
Lie many hidden tears,
You reflect me.

Experience in waiting,
Muse to the mind,
Inspiration for starlight,
Listening with heart so kind,
You reveal me.

Each silent step taken,
Marks the satin soul,
Inside hidden depths,
Listen, feel, know,
You reach me.

Entire Moments In Lost Youth


Feelings, like clouds; ever changing
Drift and swirl in a myriad of patterns.
No boundaries or fences,
Shaped only by the hand of thought.
Actions driven only by imagination,
As substantial as dreams, ruled only by emotion.
Clutching at the wisps of reality,
Feelings flow out and disperse.
Shadowy shapes in the landscape of the mind,
Watching angels and devils, gods of the soul.
They shape all the movements,
All the decisions made.
Never to be seen, often mistaken,
Folding the flow of life.
Feelings are the music of the mind, the poetry of the soul,
Shaping all who take time to listen.
Feeling waves lap at the beaches of the mind,
The island of our thoughts.
A timeless motion of dreaming bathed in their purity,
Feelings: emotional insecurity.

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