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October 20, 2004

A pox on me

Caught chicken pox last Tuesday.
Spent the whole week off Nursery – sleeping most of the time.
Saw 3 different doctors during the week – mummy and daddy kept giving me horrible eye drops and covering me in pink cream!

Now feeling better, and Gran is looking after me well (Muummy and Daddy had to go to work)

My spots are slowly disappearing, and I am feeling up to playing a lot more now.

Can't wait to get bak to Nursery and see all my friends, plus they have lots of cool toys for me to play with there as well.

TTFN - Henry

Friends move on

Some good friends move up to the North of England a couple of weeks ago, which prompted me to think a bit more about friendship and relationships in general.

At least it is easy to keep in touch nowadays with email, blogs etc – I'm actually pretty poor at writing snail mail letters.

It is interesting how friends come and go throughout your life. We seem to float along in our lives, meeting new people and making new friends, some we keep for years, others drift off after a week or month or year. Someone once wrote that is only possible for a person to maintain a network of about 12 friends or so. Don't know about this, I prefer to have 4 or 5 close firends rather than lots of acquaintances. I suppose this a sort of secruity blanket, knowing that whatever you face in life, there is always someone there willing to listen and be there when you need them.

Most of the friends I made at University have now disappeared from my life and I have new friends who have filled the gaps. Some friendships are work working for though, no matter where in the world the person happens to be.

Anyway, must go and get back to work.

Just leave with a couple of poems (one light one dark) on the subject of friends.

Will you?

Will you be the one who sits
And listens when I speak?
Will you be there to give me strength
When I am feeling weak?

Will you be the one who comforts me
Through my trouble and my woes?
Will you be there to stand with me
Against adversity and foes?

Will you be the one who helps me up
When I have been knocked down?
Will you be the one who cheers me up
When you see me frown?

Will you lend me your support
When I fall out of luck?
Will you be the one who nurses me
When, with illness, I am struck?

Will you be there to guide me
If, of the way, I lose my sight?
Will you be there beside me
When I waken in the night?

Will you be there to share with me
My thoughts, ideas and dreams?
Will you speak out for me
When all is not as it seems?

Will you be the one who cares for me
When I feel bereft?
Will you be the one who stays
When everyone else has left?

Will you provide a shelter
And aid me when I fall?
Will you always come to me
Whenever you hear my call?

Will you take me in your arms
And shield me from my fears?
Will you be the one who picks me up
And wipes away my tears?

If these things you'll do for me,
For you I'll do the same.
True friends, one soul, two bodies,
Different in only name


Faces so familiar, passing in the night,
Lights within the darkness, shining so bright.
Thoughts and dreams, not open to dispute,
Shared confidences used to prosecute.

Friends once known, now long gone,
Fiends await you within the throng.
Friend or fiend, a letter away,
A friend may be a fiend one day.

Those closest hurt us most,
Taken soul, just a ghost.
Stolen heart and broken mind,
A f®iend leaves nothing behind.

Sapping embraces, "just a hug",
Once bitten, caught the bug.
No place to hide, nowhere to run,
A shared experience has just begun.

Words cannot be unspoken, f®iends know everything.
Shattered secrets are ties that bind, secure as string.

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