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December 02, 2004

Beautiful eyes on a clear and cloudless night

Just a few more poems

Beautiful Eyes

Trying to picture the face
But nothing will appear
Except those beautiful eyes.
Their brilliance, their colour
The light they provide
Deep in those beautiful eyes

I see all my inanity
My thoughtless anonymity
Reflected in the beautiful eyes

The gaze so intense, full of feeling
Smiling eyes providing healing
I fall into those beautiful eyes

Dreams and wishes forged
On an anvil of hesitation
Stolen glances, lingered looks,
Shattered signals of anticipation

I fall, unresistingly
I fall, unrealistically
I fall unrelentingly
Into those beautiful eyes.

Clear and Cloudless Night

The cloudless cloak
And stars so bright,
Silvery moon, subdued light
Remind me of you.

The shadows of trees,
The depths of blue,
Cold air, shivering too,
Thinking of you.

Starry eyes forever changed,
Memories to last forever.
Quiet calm, never forgotten,
I will always remember.

The nights that remind me,
Cloudless skies will find me,
Lost in memories of you.

Art of Deception

Behind the words and action
Lays a man you'll never see.
Hidden by the tangled web
That traps both heart and mind.
His thoughts remain invisible
In the blindness of your love
Feeding you with half-truths,
Corralled by innocence.
His smiling happy countenance
Keeps your doubts at bay.
You tell him that you know him
He laughs your fears away.
Alibis abound for those late nights
When you lay awake in bed.
His professions and his demeanour
Takes away your dread.
Behind it all he runs around,
With friends becoming lovers.
A guiltless soul of excuses,
Never to be discovered.
The art of deception, known only by his kind.
He'll break your heart, tear your soul,
Then he'll twist your mind.
Alone, bereft, they told you so.
You could not believe.
He smothered you within the web,
Never let you breathe.
He stole your life, and fed upon its blood,
All the while you said you understood.
Why he had to work so late, why he needed space.
The art of deception, now scars upon your face.

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