July 07, 2010

Free – to do what ever I want

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had some time to write in my blog, and a lot has happened in that time.

The major change is that as of November, I will no longer be working for the University due to being made redundant as part of the School of Life Sciences process.

So, I’m looking forward to doing more of what I enjoy – the sense of freedom is fantastic.

Just need to find the dream job now!!

March 19, 2007

Stakeholder workshop on effects of climate change on environmental stewardship schemes

The research team involved in Defra project AC0304 is holding a stakeholder workshop that will be of interest to people involved in both climate change and environmental stewardship. The workshop will present the results of the research into future proofing agri-environment schemes and is an opportunity for stakeholders to influence Defra policy in this area.

For more information see the flyer below:

February 14, 2007

New Msc Course at Warwick HRI

Writing about web page http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/whri/study/mscmodel/

From October, Warwick HRI will be running an MSc entitled “Modelling Biological Populations and Interactions”.

This MSc is aimed at biologists who wish to develop skills in modelling (an area of biology that is increasingly in demand).

The MSc will cover a range of topics on modelling, including:
the philosophy of modelling; modelling for bioinformatics, modelling for ecology, and problem solving using modelling.

The course combines the theory of modelling with practical examples, and aims to build the problem-solving skills of students,s o that they will know how to apply modelling techniques to a range of biological problems.

August 22, 2005

Henry on holiday

Henry has been pretty busy over the last few weeks with a holiday in the yorkshire dales (see movie – sorry about being on its side, but the digital camera software wouldn't allow me to rotate it back to normal) and also in Devon – where he had his first experience with the sea.
Now back at nursery for a day before travelling to see his cousin in Norfolk.

May 20, 2005

Long time no Blog

Been busy sorting lots of work related things out – project proposals, project reports etc. Haven't been doing much else as dislocated my shoulder about 6–8 weeks ago whilst canoeing, and so have been working hard on the recovery phase. Range of movement in the shoulder is pretty good now, but there are still a few issues relating to the stabilioty of the shoulder joint which need to be worked on over the next fortnight or so.

April 06, 2005

Henry's last few months (walking and talking)

Haven't had time to write much recently as have been concentrating on walking and talking over the past few months. Getting pretty good at getting around now, although I still need to hold mummy or daady's hand when the going gets a bit rough. Did a really cool walk in the Lake District last week, testing my wellies in a stream across the path.
Currently having a wicked time stealing Gran's grapes as daddy has abandoned me and ill mummy to go to work or something. Enjoying spotting ducks (my current word for any bird) in Gran's garden and watching the cars and trucks go past on the road.

PhD Opportunity (Biology/Physics)

I currently have a vacancy for a PhD student on a BBSRC strategic studentship starting in October 2005. The stipend for the studentship is £12,500.

If you are interested, then send me an email.

Project Title: Habitat Complexity and Biodiversity in Agro-Ecosystems

Supervisor: Dr D Skirvin

Background and PhD Project:

Existing work has suggested that biodiversity of ecosystems is strongly linked to the structural complexity of the habitat. Given that vegetation structure is the key component determining the structural complexity of a habitat, it is reasonable to assume that the canopy structure of the habitat provides a good approximation of the structural complexity of a habitat, but at present, there are no quantitative methods available that are able to characterise the structural complexity of the habitat.

The aim of this PhD project is to determine how habitat structural complexity influences biodiversity within agro-ecosystems. The project will involve developing computer models of the three-dimensional architecture of plants. These models will then be used to develop models of plant canopies found in agro-ecosystems. The structure of the canopies generated from the models will be analysed using fractal geometric methods to determine the connectedness of the plant canopies and whether percolation-type models can be used to represent the structure of the plant canopies. These analyses will be used to form the basis for a quantitative method of characterising plant canopies.
Having developed suitable percolation-type models of plant canopies, simulation models of the movements of insects within the canopies will be developed to examine how the structure of the plant canopy influences the movement of insects within the canopy.
Data on the biodiversity of selected agro-ecosystems will be collated from the literature and from existing BBSRC projects at Warwick HRI. These data will then be compared against the quantitative measure of habitat structure developed in the project and analysed to determine the relationship between habitat structural complexity and biodiversity.

The studentship is for 3 years with a start date of October 2005 and will be registered at the University of Warwick.

For further information about the project please e-mail: David.Skirvin@warwick.ac.uk

January 11, 2005

Even more poems

Hide Away

Shattered and scattered, broken pieces
Falling onto sodden ground.
Distant drifters seek the pattern,
Not wanting to be found.

Hide away in shame.
Hide away in blame.
Drown in emptiness.

Torn and ripped, rags of hope
Burning on the memorial pyre.
Ragged Ravens feed on remnants
Bloodied within the fire.

Hide away in tears.
Hide away in fears.
Drown in loneliness.

Hide away, hermitage of hate.
Hide away, faeries of fate.
Hide away, no more to see.
Hide away, no memories to be

Hide away
Hide away

Hormonal Heroin

Lost control, running wild,
Coursing through the veins.
Hormonal heroin steals the mind,
Indulging in its wicked games.

Fancied thoughts, lashing limbs,
The pleasure waves and surges,
Driving actions, body bound
By primeval urges.

The moment gone, regrets abound,
Falling through the fears.
Forgotten deeds, half remembered,
Hormonal heroin leads to tears.

Withdrawn and shattered,
Haunted and alone,
No place to run, no place to hide,
Crawling back under the stone.

Crushed and bruised underneath,
The weight of worries and of woe,
A need and ache, for more and more,
Hormonal heroin has control.

In you I see

In you I see myself.
In you I see the fire.
I wanted in my heart.
I donít know where to start.

Trapped somewhere far away
My soul returns the scream.
Despair like a thrusting knife
Driven to the deepest strife.

In you I see a life
In you I see the love
I wanted in my mind
I donít know how to find.

Hidden by the haunting maze
Memories pull me in
Dreams rolling through a misty day
Dragging my sanity away

In you I see the deep
In you I see the freedom
I wanted in my youth
I donít know the truth

December 21, 2004

A few more poems …...

Emotional Experience

In between,
He sat at the edge of the room, trying to show the way.
Talk was scarce, though much needed,
Lots had to be said.
Prompting from the pit, his love lighting the room
As two hearts split asunder.
Friends, dear to him, in turmoil.
Emotions suffocating the air.
He'd seen the despair in their faces,
The pain, cutting so deep.
Both on the edge of insanity.
To help them, he had to try.
At last they were talking, unfortunately far too late.
His help no longer useful,
Time now, only for fate.
Drained and alone, he left the fiery fray.
Dazed, confused, he returned to normality.
He'd tried so very hard.
Time was the healer, for those friends at least.
But for the other, the hurting has never ceased.
Destined to feel the pain of others
Losing faith in those they love.
Helping, quiet, peaceful, gentle,
The solitary, solo, white dove.

Entire Moments In Lost Youth

Entertaining for the soul,
Music in your veins,
Intelligent and feeling,
Living through the pains,
You remind me.

Enigmatic and engaging,
Moments make the years,
Inside those effervescent eyes,
Lie many hidden tears,
You reflect me.

Experience in waiting,
Muse to the mind,
Inspiration for starlight,
Listening with heart so kind,
You reveal me.

Each silent step taken,
Marks the satin soul,
Inside hidden depths,
Listen, feel, know,
You reach me.

Entire Moments In Lost Youth


Feelings, like clouds; ever changing
Drift and swirl in a myriad of patterns.
No boundaries or fences,
Shaped only by the hand of thought.
Actions driven only by imagination,
As substantial as dreams, ruled only by emotion.
Clutching at the wisps of reality,
Feelings flow out and disperse.
Shadowy shapes in the landscape of the mind,
Watching angels and devils, gods of the soul.
They shape all the movements,
All the decisions made.
Never to be seen, often mistaken,
Folding the flow of life.
Feelings are the music of the mind, the poetry of the soul,
Shaping all who take time to listen.
Feeling waves lap at the beaches of the mind,
The island of our thoughts.
A timeless motion of dreaming bathed in their purity,
Feelings: emotional insecurity.

December 10, 2004

Poetic mixed bag

Colours of the Mind

In the purple haze of relaxation
Slow down, time to think.
Plans are drawn in pencil,
Memories writ in ink.

Floating on the sea of splendour,
Dreaming fills the mind.
Seeking, I know the answers,
It's the questions I must find.

Marooned on reality's green island,
In blue oceans filled with doubt.
Surf the orange wave to heaven,
Wash the dark unhappiness out.

Yellow skies of care and love,
Surround this pleasant land.
Indigo violets splash colour,
Across the flowing sand.

The rainbow high within the sky,
Displays, for all to see,
Hidden depths within the mind,
Colours and luminosity.

Coming down

Sitting staring at the sky
Watching the moon and stars go by.
Reliving the hurt all over again,
Trying to reason out the pain

An angel looking back at me.

Thinking over time long past,
Living a life way too fast.
Aching like never before,
In need of love to reassure.

An angel looking back at me.

Reflection of opaque simplicity,
Driven into the deep duplicity.
Heavenward facing through despair,
Which of two, only one will care.

An angel looking back at me._

Criticism Culture

Criticism culture, negative way,
Not good enough, nothing to say.
Feelings ignored, always the same,
Falling downward, driven insane.
Unhappiness, uncertainty, oblivion doom,
No achievement, life of gloom.
Feeling needed, a life of care.
Happiness, knowledge, wanting to share,
Looking forward, everything to see.
Considerate opinion, something to be,
Positive attitude, listened to view.
Praise culture, giving value,

Praise Culture

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