May 15, 2005

Exam (and house) stress

so, the revision is coming along very slowly 1 module out of 11 down, 10 to go. im dreading clinical micro and antibiotics and chemotherapy revision. I might not look at it till two days before the exam to be honest. I think everyone in the house is feeling a little stressed out at the moment, so much so that even the house is crumbling under the pressure. Last night we had a burst water pipe which wasn't good. Oh and it looks like we might have some furry friends joining us in the house. Thats right, we've got mice. So anyway thats whats goin on with life at the moment, hopefully i will soon be able to post sumthin a bit more positive in the next week or so. But until then i will be glued to my books in the hope that sumthin goes into my brain. Take care of yourselves, and each other ;)

October 15, 2004

Does this work??

how you doin'?

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