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April 10, 2007

There he is!

Follow-up to Where is James Edwards? from Words on t'internet

So… for anyone who read my post, Where is James Edwards, I found him!

I was walking through Leamington on Saturday night looking for somewhere to have a drink with my girlfriend when, out of nowhere, literally stumbling across the road (and in front of a Police Car to boot) was the missing man himself, James Edwards.

I dragged him back onto the pavement and we got chatting, neither of us had the others number and his phone battery was dead so I’m gonna have to try and track him down again one day but it’s nice to know he’s around. It turns out that even though he got better marks in all his resits than I did the University refused to accept him back onto the Maths course. This is outrageous from my point of view, I can’t see how I, who did worse than him in my resits, is allowed to continue my studies (my marks weren’t even good) while he is forced to leave.

The reason given was that I showed “improvement” while his marks were lower than the first time around but basically he’s being punished for the fact that I screwed up more than he did first time round. I believe that the exams last year were harder than the year before and he has every bit as much right as I do to finish his degree.

Either way my opinion of the University has hit a new low, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

Anyway. Back to the revision, hopefully I can get decent marks and get the hell out of here.

June 28, 2006

Guess who's back, back again

That's right, me!

It turns out that I did just enough to get back onto my 3 year maths course this time around. I passed 3 of my 6 exams and did enough to get a lowly average of 31.8 which means I'm back next year on the pass degree but I'm still back and I can work on changing that to a full honours degree by christmas.

To anyone who failed there exams, Don't worry, If I can get back so can you.

Now the search for a job starts, just something to put me on over the summer and earn me a little money. Plus I need to find a room for next year, something in Leamington would be nice but I'm not fussed seeing as I have a car.

Congrats to everyone who graduated this year and is now joining the real world, hopefully I'll be out there too by this time next year

April 28, 2006

Distractions from revision

For the past week or so I've been down in Coventry revising for my resits and have reaped the rewards of not having my PC down there with me as a distraction. I've come home for the weekend and there it is, in it's awesome distracting glory so the question needs to be asked … "Should I take it down to Coventry with me when I return?"

For the next 8 weeks of revision I'm going to need some way of getting onto the internet and some form of light distraction purely so I don't go mad but my PC is never just light distraction, it's a huge distraction. It won't really fit on the little desk I've got plus I'd need a chair in order for me to sit in front of it which I don't have right now so is it really worth taking down there with me?

Those cover most of the negatives:

–Too Big
–Needs Chair
–Won't Fit on Desk
–Distraction (I've got this twice because it's a REALLY BIG distraction)

But the positives are:

+Won't get mind numbingly bored
+Huge array of music and films/tv to listen to/watch
+Access to E–mail, past exam papers, general knowledge etc

So I'm stuck, I've thought of getting a laptop to take down to use to revise and access the internet but that involves spending £400 at least, which is £400 I can't really afford to spend unless of course someone has a half decent laptop they don't need because they have two perhaps? Just a thought. Anyway I don't have a clue what to do.

April 21, 2006

Two down…. Four to go

I've been back in the midlands now since Easter Monday, I didn't actually tell anyone seeing as I've been hidden away in my room in Coventry almost permanently since I got back with the exceptions of Wednesday and Thursday when I've been on campus either revising for or taking my first two resits.

All in all Algebra I on Wednesday didn't go well but I never expected it to, what I did expect was the fact that everybody came out saying exactly the same thing. That they didn't think they'd even answered enough of the paper to pass. This was perfect because I in fact did answer at least 40% of the paper and though that I may have passed but if the paper's marked up then that's even better.

Analysis III was a breath of fresh air and I left the exam feeling better about my resits than I've felt all year. It was exactly the paper I wanted except for one question and a conservative estimate of my mark is around 40, with a hopeful score nearer 60 which is better than my wildest dreams.

Tuesday brings PDE's, that's Partial Differential Equations, which I haven't even started preparing for but I've got a few days to get on top of things although I don't have any notes, worksheets, of exam papers. So wish me luck.

On a lighter note

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me

21 today although exams have rather spoilt the occasion. Oh well

April 05, 2006


Once again it's been a while since I last "blogged" but I keep forgetting. I now have 14 days till my first exams, that's 3 exams on the 19th, 20th and 25th of April then a little while off before another three. Revision is almost grinding to a halt and I'm struggling to get my head down and do the work hence this entry. I'm still not sure about what I want to do next year and should I pass I've got to decide where my future lies and university may not be it. I don't need a degree to become and accountant which is what I want to do so I may not return but as in any profession a degree helps and it increases my potential earnings by a huge amount.

On a much more exciting note I going to the Leeds Festival again this year. Got my tickets after 45 minutes trying to get on however I seem to have got 8 instead of 4 so I may sell some on eBay or find some people to come along. I'm sure there'll be plenty of those seeing as Muse as playing plus some others like The Kooks, The Rakes and Placebo which I'd love to go see. All in all I can't think of a better Line-Up. Franz aren't great but I'd love to go see them, same for the Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs who I've seen already. Every day has at least 4 or 5 bands I really want to see and that's only from the names realeased so far. I can't wait.

January 25, 2006

The End Is Nigh…

I got the dreaded "letter" today detailing what resits I'm doing and approximately when they'll be, I've got 3 exams in April (19th-28th) and 3 in May (after the 15th). Unfortunately the first exams fall across my 21st birthday (April 21st) but that's the price I pay for being a lazy bum last year.

Now that they are "upon" me I think it really is time to start revising (yes start, I've had alot going on for the past few weeks, it's been hard to sit down and think let alone revise) I've got a weeks holiday booked this next week so that's what I'll be doing most of the time although I'm planning on popping down the Leamington and Uni for a couple of days to see warwick accommodation and find a room for the third term, hopefully on campus but we'll see.

In case anyone's interested I'm resitting:

MA242 Algebra 1
MA244 Analysis 3
PX253 Partial Differential Equations

MA222 Metric Spaces
MA225 Differentiation
MA231 Vector Analysis

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it (plus any revision notes that are going :D)

October 04, 2005

Mountains to climb

It's now beginning to dawn on me how much work I have ahead of me in order to pass my exams this time around, I only have 6 subjects to study for but I'm starting to realise that what really let me down was my knowledge of the basic principles we covered in some of the other courses. Courses that although I may have scraped a pass in, I was nowhere near to mastering. This means that not only do I have to revise the 6 subjects I'm retaking but the I need to learn the ones that I passed too.

I'd love nothing more than to put it off until after christmas when the exams will seem that much closer but I know that unless I make a start on it now I'll never get anything done and like the past 3 years (A-level's included) I'll just leave myself too much to do in too little time.
My original plan was to live in Leamington this year and work with a friend who also failed but that fell apart once I realised I would be homeless so I'm stuck at home on me tod meaning that for the first time in a long time I'll be forced to do the work on my own. This can only be a good thing right?

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