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February 27, 2006

Apple is owned by the Devil

Sorry for not bloging much recently but I couldn't be bothered. Busy with work and worthless revision and spending lots of quality time with my new girlfriend, all in all things are not too bad. I've only got 2 weeks left of work which takes me up to Sat 11th March fully 5 weeks before my first exams start, not much time but right now I'd rather be working than studying because it's just not going in, straight in one ear, causing headache, straight out of the other. That's the general format anyway, I'm really getting tired of not understanding any of it and it only makes me think that if i come back and pass my exams I'll only fail next year anyway.

Anyway enough of that, to the reason for the blog, I need to rant about Apple. The most incompotent bunch of pig fucking, brain dead yokels in the history of man-kind. Now I must admit that I'm slightly in awe of their audacity where "support" is concerned. They claim to have an "award winning" support site however I couldn't find a contact email address anywhere on it. Was that award given to them because they get fewer complaint emails than anyone else? If so then I may have discovered their cunning secret, and there is no direct link to anything I want to know, I have to find a similar article then jump from article to article 'till I find what I want which is how to send my iPod back AGAIN.

Some of you may know that not long ago (November I think) my iPod hard drive broke in a way that caused it refuse to load and play any music and fail to connect to my PC. I sent it back without problem and within days I had received (via UPS) a brand spanking new iPod (probably refurbished). I was extremely happy that replacing my iPod within 12 months of purchase was so painless however now 4 months later the little devil spawn is broken again (with exactly the same fucking problem). I admit that it is now out of it's 12 month warranty however it should under no circumstances be broken with the same goddamn fault so soon after it was "fixed". What's worse is that seeing as it is now out of warrarnty they want to charge me £166.29 for "parts and labour" in order for me to get it fixed.

Now that leaves me in a spot of bother seeing as I no longer trust Apple to send me back a working iPod however much I pay however it's still cheaper than buying a new one or replacing it with a similar size alternative. I admit that I have always been (since my first iPod which was the first edition back in 2002) a huge fan of the iPod, its stylish look, easy to use interface and great sound quality leave it in my opinion head and shoulders above the rest even if it is more expensive. But I'm not sure if I want another, it seems daft to keep giving my money to Apple if they keep breaking and although I may just have been unlucky (3 times, twice with the same fault) my confidence in them is waivering. Plus I don't have £170 to just spend on fixing it, and common snese tells me "why spend £170 on fixing an old iPod when I could spend £250 on a new one?" which I have to admit makes sense. First port of call is Currys tomorrow to price up alternatives but I'll have to make do with my little 256mb MuVo for now.

November 07, 2005

Modern Technology

Follow-up to iPod, therefore I am from Words on t'internet

So…... I've packaged my iPod up and just called UPS so they can come and collect it, needless to say the miracle that occured when I knocked it off my desk didn't last long and the same old problems occured once more (failure to play music or randomly skips tracks etc etc)

I've come to the conclusion that the hard-drive is fooked so a word of advise, buy some kind of protective cover for your iPod if you don't already have one or failing that just don't ever drop it because more than likely the cause of my fault

Now all that's left is to see exactly how incompetent apple are at services and repairs :D

October 29, 2005

iPod, therefore I am

or should it be….

"I drop therefore I fix"?

Friday morning before I popped off to work I went on the Apple website and ordered a service my iPod, they're going to send me a box to pack it in then they'll send me it back…... however just after I filled the form in online I clumsily knocked my, now feeling hard done by, iPod off my desk and onto the floor.

I bet you're thinking "he did it on purpose just to make sure it was broke" but I didn't, I'm just that clumsy :D

Anyways the little bastard thing is fixed now, happily connected to my PC and updating as we speak. Which means that now only do I have a fully working iPod but I also have a box winging it's way from the states (or maybe Regent Street, London) for no reason in particular. Isn't modern technology great?

October 27, 2005

My iPod is buggered!

My oh-so cool iPod is now officially a shiny paper weight and not for the first time, my first iPod that I got christmas of 2001 broke outside the warranty period so to get it fixed I'd have to send it to america so I thought fuck it… and bought a new one back in January. The only problem is that this one is now broken and not just "slightly" broken, it's fooked.

The hard drive starts to spin up then clicks and stops, it keeps doing it and doing it and I think that was the reason that it kept refusing to play songs at me a few weeks ago, it seemed to fix itself but keeps finding new ways to annoy me so I think that I'm going to have to take the risk and send the poor little thing off to Apple so that they can butcher it, fail to fix it properly, then send it back claiming that I owe them money.


This is the web page that apparently deals with whatever problem I have but resetting and charging (I don't think it actually charges anymore) don't work and when I try to do the restore/update it errors at me and closes down :(
It's well and truly buggered

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