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October 16, 2006

Let's Play … Fantasy Final Fling!

The Final Fling is months away yet it’s that time of year again. As we size up the bands in store for us over the coming terms talk turns to “what if” and “I wish” concerning the biggest night of the Ents year. So whowill play? WHo is even likely to play? And who do the students actually want to play?

Fantasy Final Fling is easy. Pick ten bands, in order, 1 to 10 and you get a points score for who plays and who doesn’t. This year however we’ve expanded the game a little.

If a band on your list plays in Term 2 then you get 1 point for the band in 10th place in your list and 10 points for the band in first.

If a band on your list plays in Term 3 then you get double points, that’s 2 points for the band in 10th place in your list and 20 points for the band in first.

The jackpot as always is the Final Fling. If your bands play at the Final Fling then you get 100 points for the headliner, 50 for first support and 30 for second support act. These points do not take into account placing in your list.

Let’s Play …

October 06, 2006

The week that was … Week 1 – Term 1

After all that time, preparing, revising, resitting and preparing again it’s fair to say that week one has been pretty good, and worth the effort. The modules I’ve picked seem pretty good (except Topics In Math Bio but I’ll explain that later) and look like they could, not only be interesting, but possibly be enjoyable.

History of Maths lectures fly by and never seem to last an hour, the course sounds interesting and the lectures are pretty fun. What interests me most is the content. The way we look at maths not from an analytical point of view, trying to poke and pinch it until it does what we want or to prove something is either true or false, but looking at a piece of maths as an acheivement, a milestone in human progression. The way mathematicians were, much like explorers of their day, sailing without a compass. They had no idea if heading off in one direction would give them what they were looking for lead them off in totally new directions.

Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineer’s looks interesting but for different reasons, it’s more to do with the application of maths than most maths courses (this one is an engineering course) so we’ve spent this first week deriving stuff and then using it. Feels more like A-Level Physics than what I’ve been used to which is actually a very good thing. I’m enjoying it at any rate.

Intro to Topology is a course I didn’t think I’d be keeping up to be honest after stuffing up Metric Spaces but so far so good. One to keep in mind I think especially after the disaster of Topics in Math Bio.

Topics in Math Bio, taught by Dirk Drasdo, is shit. I’ve been to one lecture and all I learned is that poor Mr. Drasdo cannot lecture. He rattled through some slides which he’d prepared which made no sense, accompanied by his quiet, rolling german accent made it almost impossible to hear him let alone understand him and although I wanted to do this course may be put off.

I’m sure Dirk is brilliant at what he does and knows exactly what he’s talking about but like alot of staff at Warwick lack the communication skills to get the point across to any more than 2 or 3 people so really struggle to lecture large groups.

Away from my course Cricket looks like it could be a blast and with a house warming this weekend thinks are looking good. Oh yeah, everyone’s invited if by some chance you already know where and when it is.

October 03, 2006

Sorted – Finally Chosen My 3rd Year Modules

It’s taken that long that to be honest I doubt anyone really cares but here is what I’ve chosen:


Term 1:
MA397 Consolidation 15 CATS
MA3E5 History of Maths 15 CATS
MA390 – Topics in Math Bio OR MA3F1 – Introduction to Topology 15 CATS
(Just one of these but I’ll choose which one when I’ve been to a few lectures)
ES3C9 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers 15 CATS

Term 2:
MA228 Numerical Analysis 6 CATS
MA3F2 Knot Theory 15 CATS
IE420 Problem Solving 12 CATS
PX261 Mathematical Methods II 7.5 CATS
PX270 C Programming 7.5 CATS

Which takes me to 108 CATS with 12 more CATS coming from

Term 1:
PX268 Stars 7.5 CATS (If I can fit the lectures into my timetable)

Term 2:
PX269 Galaxies 7.5 CATS
PX264 – Physics of Fluids – 7.5 CATS
PX326 – Introduction to Synergetics – 7.5 CATS
IB217 – Starting a Business – 6 CATS
IB228 – Understanding Enterprise 6 CATS

Which I can pick when I feel like it as they’re in the second term and right now I don’t think I care.

To anyone who’s given me advice, thanks alot, you’ve saved me from Combinatorics, Algebra II and Measure Theory as well as a large number of other courses I undoubtedly would have hated.

October 02, 2006

The Saga goes on – Still Picking My 3rd Year Modules

So…... I’m not sure anymore.
Went to the first Consolidation lecture today and found out I only need to do 57 CATS of Maths this year SO I’ve decided to thin down my maths and look elsewhere for interesting and most importantly EASY modules.

Here’s the list of definites so far:

Term 1:
MA397 Consolidation 15 CATS
MA3E5 History of Maths 15 CATS

Term 2:
MA228 Numerical Analysis 6 CATS
MA3F2 Knot Theory 15 CATS
IE420 Problem Solving 12 CATS
PX261 – Mathematical Methods II – 7.5 CATS

which is 69.5 CATS and only 51 of List A Maths.

So my options are

Term 1:
1 or 2 from
*MA390 Topics in Math Bio 15 CATS
*MA3F1 Introduction to Topology 15 CATS
*MA3G0 Modern Control Theory – 15 CATS

which takes me nicely to 66 CATS of Maths and 85.5 Overall (If I do just 1 of these 3).

Then my other options are

Term 1:
PX268 – Stars – 7.5 CATS
ES3C9 – Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers – 15 CATS
(Which was suggested by the Consolidation Tutor although it may not be this module exactly)

Term 2:
PX269 – Galaxies – 7.5 CATS
PX270 – C Programming – 7.5 CATS (I think this is pretty much a definite)

so if I take C Programming I have 93 CATS so need really 27 more which can be either 2×6 CATS and a 15 or 2×7.5 and a 12 or any combination really. I can overcat slightly if needs be so taking Fluid Dynamics still leaves me with either both stars and galaxies to do or I need to find 12 CATS from somewhere. Possibly from The Business School.

Nearly there (I hope)

Consolidation – A New Hope

There is hope for me yet.

Had an hour introduction lecture for Consolidation today and it’s given me some hope that I can at least scrape a 3rd and even get a 2.2 if I put the effort in. It’s nice to know that all 9 of last years Consolidation students went on to get a full honours degree, 5 of which got 2.2’s.

I guess I need to concentrate on picking the right modules (yes I still haven’t quite decided) and I have a good idea of what I want to do but I’m still a couple of modules short seeing as I’m cutting down the maths to about 60 CATS and doing more non-maths stuff. Might mix in some Engineering and Physics to go with the definite Computer Science modules although I may struggle to keep it down to just the one Unusual Option.

Does anyone know the rules for how many modules or CATS worth can be made up of unusual options? I want to do C Programming which is 7.5 but there might be a better way for me to use that unusual option choice and take up more CATS with it. Anyone know?

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