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October 29, 2005

iPod, therefore I am

or should it be….

"I drop therefore I fix"?

Friday morning before I popped off to work I went on the Apple website and ordered a service my iPod, they're going to send me a box to pack it in then they'll send me it back…... however just after I filled the form in online I clumsily knocked my, now feeling hard done by, iPod off my desk and onto the floor.

I bet you're thinking "he did it on purpose just to make sure it was broke" but I didn't, I'm just that clumsy :D

Anyways the little bastard thing is fixed now, happily connected to my PC and updating as we speak. Which means that now only do I have a fully working iPod but I also have a box winging it's way from the states (or maybe Regent Street, London) for no reason in particular. Isn't modern technology great?

October 27, 2005

My iPod is buggered!

My oh-so cool iPod is now officially a shiny paper weight and not for the first time, my first iPod that I got christmas of 2001 broke outside the warranty period so to get it fixed I'd have to send it to america so I thought fuck it… and bought a new one back in January. The only problem is that this one is now broken and not just "slightly" broken, it's fooked.

The hard drive starts to spin up then clicks and stops, it keeps doing it and doing it and I think that was the reason that it kept refusing to play songs at me a few weeks ago, it seemed to fix itself but keeps finding new ways to annoy me so I think that I'm going to have to take the risk and send the poor little thing off to Apple so that they can butcher it, fail to fix it properly, then send it back claiming that I owe them money.


This is the web page that apparently deals with whatever problem I have but resetting and charging (I don't think it actually charges anymore) don't work and when I try to do the restore/update it errors at me and closes down :(
It's well and truly buggered

October 26, 2005

The Ordinary Boys

I'm going to see the ordinary boys tonight with a my little brother and we've got a couple of spare tickets, if anyone can get to Leeds for about 7pm and will pay £25 for the pair then you're welcome to them :D

October 18, 2005

How Dodgy Are You?

Writing about web page

I found this quiz one day whilst perusing the internet and found it quite funny, this is my result:

I know 'everyone's doing it', but that doesn't mean its legal. Ok chances are slim that anyone is ever going to prosecute you, but it just takes one bit of bad luck. It may seem easier to take the quick, cheaper option, but they might just clamp down. Nah, you'll be fine… Well maybe not. Yeah its OK… Actually… Ooh. Aah.
Based on your answers, we have calculated the maximum penalty for your crimes*:
Years in prison: 11.5 Potential fine: 4500

Apparently I'm a Risky character, strangely enough I didn't get any kind of sentence or fine for "prostitution" (if you don't know then you don't need to, actually no-one needs to know) but sex in a public place is a no-no

October 14, 2005

I'm thinking in a Scottish accent

I've just finsihed my first week as a "Bookseller" at Borders in Birstall (It's one of those out of town shopping places with a big Currys and IKEA) and all in all it's gone well. Till work is a piece of piss and you get used to it before long, the actual "bookselling" is pretty menial and involes making things look pretty and working delivery, it's like working in a book supermarket which means that I can do it in my sleep.

I'm currently working Friday-Monday 30 something hours with varying shifts so coming down for the weekend is out the question for a while

Oh and the scottish accent thing. My manager is scottish and after spending 4 days straight with her I've started to think in a scottish accent, thoughts that pop up are strangely said in a scottish accent in my head and I think I'm going a little mad but maybe that's just the boredom :D

October 08, 2005

Jobs are like buses

Well after having waited three weeks for a reply for Borders I finally got a job offer on friday, an hour later i got a call from a pub offering me a job and this morning I was woken by some bloke from Currys also offering me a job. Three job offers in two days after getting nothing from anyone for 3 weeks, bloody typical.

I start work Monday but the first thing I need to do is ask for the weekend off :S not sure how well that will go down but I've got to ask seeing as I'm going down to Birmingham and there's no chance in hell I'm working instead.

If anyone wants a book for christmas call me :D

October 04, 2005

Mountains to climb

It's now beginning to dawn on me how much work I have ahead of me in order to pass my exams this time around, I only have 6 subjects to study for but I'm starting to realise that what really let me down was my knowledge of the basic principles we covered in some of the other courses. Courses that although I may have scraped a pass in, I was nowhere near to mastering. This means that not only do I have to revise the 6 subjects I'm retaking but the I need to learn the ones that I passed too.

I'd love nothing more than to put it off until after christmas when the exams will seem that much closer but I know that unless I make a start on it now I'll never get anything done and like the past 3 years (A-level's included) I'll just leave myself too much to do in too little time.
My original plan was to live in Leamington this year and work with a friend who also failed but that fell apart once I realised I would be homeless so I'm stuck at home on me tod meaning that for the first time in a long time I'll be forced to do the work on my own. This can only be a good thing right?

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