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September 26, 2006

Where is James Edwards?

So…..? Where is he?

For those of you who don’t know who he is let alone where he is, James failed second year maths with me (literally with me, we revised together in Weatherspoons) and also did resits with me, however since resits (which I think he passed) he’s dropped off the face of the world.

In case you see him:
*He works or worked in Spoon’s in Leamington
*He’s about 5”10 with what can only be called “out of bed hair”
*He’s a piss-head

um…. not sure what else to put, oh, he’s from near Chesterfield.

If you spot this man please let me know! I need to know at least one person on my maths course seeing as everyone else I knew graduated

September 20, 2006

Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules, The Final List (Kinda)

Follow-up to Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules pt.2 from Words on t'internet

Term 1:
MA397 Consolidation 15 CATS
MA3E5 History of Maths 15 CATS
MA390 Topics in Math Bio 15 CATS

Term 2:
MA228 Numerical Analysis 6 CATS
MA3F2 Knot Theory 15 CATS
IE420 Problem Solving 12 CATS
MA235 Introduction to Mathematical Biology – 6 CATS

Unusual Options:
PX270 C Programming 7.5 CATS
and Math Methods II if I can find it – 6 CATS

Total – 97.5

MA3F1 Introduction to Topology – 15 CATS (and is term 1 which takes the load of term 2 a bit)
MA3G0 Modern Control Theory – 15 CATS (also term 1)
MA3D4 Fractal Geometry – 15 CATS (term 2 so gives me an easy term 1 to work on Consolidation)

any of which would take me to 112.5 CATS and only one small module from the magic 120. Opinions on these two? Baring in mind I failed Metric Spaces (before it was actually lectured and was a reading module, opposed to the lectures you get this year and last year)

September 16, 2006

"R U Ready?" questions

Um…... where are they? I’ve got two weeks till I start back at uni and I’m trying to do some work to prepare myself and I can’t actually find the R U Ready Questions that I was advised to do.

Anyone know? I’ve looked on MathStuff but can’t find them :(

September 10, 2006

Leeds Festival 2006

Writing about web page

This is the gallery with some of my best pictures of the weekend, they were taken on my “new” camera which I literally picked up off the floor on the saturday night. It’s a 6mp Sony CyberShot camera and after a little soul searching I decided to keep it. I know I “should” have handed it in but let’s be serious here, who really would have handed it in? Come on, show of hands.

Well, anyway, I kept it and took a few nice pictures with it which are posted above. Unfortunately the unlucky people who lost the camera didn’t lose the charger so it’s now just sat on my desk waiting for me to buy a dock. Oh well

Unsuprisingly Muse were the highlight of the weekend but Franz suprised me, they were alot better than I expected and made up for the Arctic Monkeys let down. Arctic Monkey are just not good enough to be so far up the bill on the main stage and were poor, the music was ok but not much different from listening to the album. What let them down was the “show”, they just didn’t put one on. In my opinion there isn’t a huge difference between Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys, both fairly poppy, both with nice catchy lyrics and good tunes. The main difference between the two is stage presence, Ricky of the Kaisers has it and Alex of the Monkeys doesn’t.

A band called Humanzi on the Carling Stage were excelent as were The Research, and on Friday Boy Kill Boy, Kooks, The Rakes and Maximo Park were all brilliant.

Looking forward to next year already.

September 09, 2006

Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules pt.2

Follow-up to Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules from Words on t'internet

Thanks for the response guys, so far I have:

Term 1:
MA397 – Consolidation – 15 CATS
MA241 – Combinatorics – 12 CATS (Maybe)
MA3E5 – History of Maths – 15 CATS
MA390 – Topics in Math Bio – 15 CATS

Term 2:
MA228 – Numerical Analysis – 6 CATS
MA3F2 – Knot Theory – 15 CATS
IE420 – Problem Solving – 12 CATS (Anyone heard of this?)
IB217 – Starting a Business – 6 CATS (Maybe)
IB228 – Understanding Enterprise – 6 CATS (Maybe)

Unusual Options:
PX270 – C Programming – 7.5 CATS

Which takes it to 109.5 (although I’m only allowed to take 90 to start with seeing as I’m on a pass degree for now). I’m going to look for both Math Methods I and II as well as maybe a few more unuasual or non-maths options.

Thanks guys and any more input would be great

PS I’m thinking of going into Accountancy or Teaching, is there any easy modules I can do that may give a bit of “preparation” (read as “escape from maths”) for those two careers?

September 06, 2006

Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules

Ok, it’s a little scary to be honest, sitting here, looking through the PYDC online and choosing modules for this coming year. 2 months ago when I got the results of my resits (a pass, not what I wanted but better than a fail), and found out I would be coming back but only on the pass degree I was a bit all-over the place. I was happy to have passed but a bit wary of what being on the pass degree entailed. I know I have to do the Consolidation Module, which is 15 CATS but I’m now lost as to what else I should choose which will best help me acheive my goal of getting an honours degree, preferably a 2.2 if I can get it.

I like the look of:

MA241 – Combinatorics
MA228 – Numerical Analysis
MA245 – Algebra II (although I’m not sure of this one as I had to resit Algebra I)

and so far:

MA3E2 – Group Theory (although again I didn’t do well in Algebra I)
MA3E5 – History of Maths (which gets me out of an exam)

but as to the remaining 45 CATS I have no idea, does anyone have any tips for me? Anything I should avoid like the plague or embrace with open arms? (ok, I know I’m talking about maths modules but if I don’t start to show enthusiasm I may as well not bother)

Come on people! I need help!

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