April 21, 2006

Two down…. Four to go

I've been back in the midlands now since Easter Monday, I didn't actually tell anyone seeing as I've been hidden away in my room in Coventry almost permanently since I got back with the exceptions of Wednesday and Thursday when I've been on campus either revising for or taking my first two resits.

All in all Algebra I on Wednesday didn't go well but I never expected it to, what I did expect was the fact that everybody came out saying exactly the same thing. That they didn't think they'd even answered enough of the paper to pass. This was perfect because I in fact did answer at least 40% of the paper and though that I may have passed but if the paper's marked up then that's even better.

Analysis III was a breath of fresh air and I left the exam feeling better about my resits than I've felt all year. It was exactly the paper I wanted except for one question and a conservative estimate of my mark is around 40, with a hopeful score nearer 60 which is better than my wildest dreams.

Tuesday brings PDE's, that's Partial Differential Equations, which I haven't even started preparing for but I've got a few days to get on top of things although I don't have any notes, worksheets, of exam papers. So wish me luck.

On a lighter note

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me

21 today although exams have rather spoilt the occasion. Oh well

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  1. Yeah that Algebra exam was a nightmare, I was actually hoping I would do reasonably well on it, but alas was not to be!

    21 Apr 2006, 20:20

  2. I did pants on both those exams. And Combinatorics yesterday. Boo me. The rest will be okay though I think.

    Tell me Daniel, why do you only have four exams? Is that part of your "forced break" or something? How did it happen? What do you have to do to be put on forced break?

    Good luck with PDEs and the other exam (what is it?).

    22 Apr 2006, 23:29

  3. I failed the whole of the second year first time round. I got an average of less than 35% and failed 6 core modules. These 6 core modules are the ones I've got to retake.

    I've done Algebra I, Analysis III, PDE's and I've still got Differentiation, Metric Spaces and Vector Analysis to do. My "forced break" is officially known as resitting without residence, ie having to doss around for a year and wait for the exam period to come around again. I don't get help with accomodation so I've had to live at home and work and more importantly I don't get to go to any lectures or supervision classes so for the resits I've had to rely almost entirely on past papers and what notes I took last year.

    28 Apr 2006, 11:51

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