September 20, 2006

Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules, The Final List (Kinda)

Follow-up to Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules pt.2 from Words on t'internet

Term 1:
MA397 Consolidation 15 CATS
MA3E5 History of Maths 15 CATS
MA390 Topics in Math Bio 15 CATS

Term 2:
MA228 Numerical Analysis 6 CATS
MA3F2 Knot Theory 15 CATS
IE420 Problem Solving 12 CATS
MA235 Introduction to Mathematical Biology – 6 CATS

Unusual Options:
PX270 C Programming 7.5 CATS
and Math Methods II if I can find it – 6 CATS

Total – 97.5

MA3F1 Introduction to Topology – 15 CATS (and is term 1 which takes the load of term 2 a bit)
MA3G0 Modern Control Theory – 15 CATS (also term 1)
MA3D4 Fractal Geometry – 15 CATS (term 2 so gives me an easy term 1 to work on Consolidation)

any of which would take me to 112.5 CATS and only one small module from the magic 120. Opinions on these two? Baring in mind I failed Metric Spaces (before it was actually lectured and was a reading module, opposed to the lectures you get this year and last year)

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  1. Sounds so good I may do most of the same modules :p Except, I want to do more CS modules. Much easier than Maths!

    20 Sep 2006, 22:08

  2. Doing Intro to Math Bio after Topics in Math Bio is a bit weird, but if the system lets you do it then fair play.

    20 Sep 2006, 22:36

  3. Sarah Chandler

    Loks good. Only thing though, I tried to do both Intro to and Topics in Math Bio last year, and was told I could only do one or the other, so I went with Topics because it was more CATS and covered the Intro to stuff at the start.

    Math Methods II has a page here:
    Hopefully that helps.

    21 Sep 2006, 12:18

  4. Ruth Carling

    Fractal Geom has 15% assessed – which is good, but mostly made up of mini class tests, positive point is that this forces you to study the material duing the term, making lectures understanding. If anthony manning is lecturing he is relly good at explaining the course, and there is a reasonable amount of definition and ‘basic’ questions in the exam. admittedly you are advised to have a reasonable metric spaces mark before you do this course, but it isn’t completely essential.

    Intro to top is good, depends on the type of maths you like.

    my advice is to go to the first few lectures and then decide it you think the lecturer is good! also have a look at the exam papers, (if the same lectureer who set them!

    good luck!

    21 Sep 2006, 16:59

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