September 09, 2006

Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules pt.2

Follow-up to Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules from Words on t'internet

Thanks for the response guys, so far I have:

Term 1:
MA397 – Consolidation – 15 CATS
MA241 – Combinatorics – 12 CATS (Maybe)
MA3E5 – History of Maths – 15 CATS
MA390 – Topics in Math Bio – 15 CATS

Term 2:
MA228 – Numerical Analysis – 6 CATS
MA3F2 – Knot Theory – 15 CATS
IE420 – Problem Solving – 12 CATS (Anyone heard of this?)
IB217 – Starting a Business – 6 CATS (Maybe)
IB228 – Understanding Enterprise – 6 CATS (Maybe)

Unusual Options:
PX270 – C Programming – 7.5 CATS

Which takes it to 109.5 (although I’m only allowed to take 90 to start with seeing as I’m on a pass degree for now). I’m going to look for both Math Methods I and II as well as maybe a few more unuasual or non-maths options.

Thanks guys and any more input would be great

PS I’m thinking of going into Accountancy or Teaching, is there any easy modules I can do that may give a bit of “preparation” (read as “escape from maths”) for those two careers?

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  1. Problem solving is a great module to do. It’s easy, it gets you thinking and it’s just something a bit different. I did it last year and it was one of my best marks. I’d forgotten about that; I’d highly recommend it.

    09 Sep 2006, 15:32

  2. Just what I needed to hear! Great! That’s another 12 CATS sorted then, brilliant!

    09 Sep 2006, 15:44

  3. Sarah Chandler

    I enforce what Ben said, Probelm Solving is a great module to do.

    Teaching wise, I believe there is a course, Introduction to Secondary Teaching, or something similar, especially for mathematicians. It’s something to look out for in your e-mails, as there is a module, which includes some placements in schools, which pays you to be there in the schools, and gives you CATs, (you have to do some essays). I can’t think what it’s called, and you have to do a small interview and bits, but you can earn about £800-£1000 and CATs too, so it’s pretty win win. I’ll try and remeber what the scheme was called and let you know.

    09 Sep 2006, 18:53

  4. Sarah

    OK, so I have just done a search and unfortunately you can’t so the intro to secondary teaching in your final year, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

    Dunno whether you want any Business modules, but IB206 Intro to Business Studies is quite good. It’s a third term module and you would need an unusual options form, and make sure you were registered with WBS, but the exam is partially mutliple choice, so that helps.

    09 Sep 2006, 18:59

  5. David Wood

    If you pass consolidation you will be put back on to normal load so you need at least 120 planned so you don’t get a negative seymour….

    10 Sep 2006, 11:50

  6. David Wood

    Intro To Secondary Teaching marks aren’t finalised by the end of term by which time degree classifications have to be decided which is why finalists can’t take it….

    10 Sep 2006, 11:51

  7. My only regret (other than not really working very hard for my 2nd year exams first time round of course) is that I did Modelling Nature’s Non-Linearity in my second year. I got something like 80% in it and to be honest could do with that this year :(

    11 Sep 2006, 17:44

  8. Term 1:
    MA397 – Consolidation – 15 CATS
    MA241 – Combinatorics – 12 CATS
    MA3E5 – History of Maths – 15 CATS
    MA390 – Topics in Math Bio – 15 CATS

    Term 2:
    MA228 – Numerical Analysis – 6 CATS
    MA3F2 – Knot Theory – 15 CATS
    IE420 – Problem Solving – 12 CATS

    Unusual Options:
    PX270 – C Programming – 7.5 CATS

    IB217 – Starting a Business – 6 CATS (Maybe)
    IB228 – Understanding Enterprise – 6 CATS (Maybe)
    and Math Methods if I can find it

    So that’s 97.5 definite CATS, plus maybe 18 more but I’m not sure if I fancy both business modules and math methods so I’m tempted to find either another 2nd year Maths or CS module or maybe take another Unusual option. Any suggestions?

    14 Sep 2006, 19:52

  9. Skinner

    You’ve got a much nicer list than a couple of weeks ago. I don’t want everyone to go down the same route as me (I made plenty of mistakes), but I do want to evangelise a couple of courses.

    Firstly, I agree with everyone that History of Maths and Knot Theory are definites. No one ever drops History of Maths once they get into it – the lectures are always packed, which is more than can be said for some. I agree with Mr Keates that Galois Theory can destroy your mind, and along with some others I think Combinatorics is just an incomprehensible slog. I would consider replacing it with Intro to Topology – minimal algebra, plenty of drawing, and it’s kind of similar to Metric Spaces (which I finally understood after doing Topology).

    Topology and Knots seem to feed off each other and both help you understand the other one, plus it’s been the great Colin Rourke and Brian Sanderson for ages, so there’s a lot to be said for knowing the past papers well, unlike some courses. This slacker pulled off a 1st in both (a real rarity for me) so I reckon any fool can manage them.

    Also, I’m surprised no one’s mentioned Fractal Geometry. Again this has loads of simple stuff and has plenty of pictures to draw. Although the lecturer has changed since then, in 2003 you could get half the exam marks through a few simple definitions and just illustrating how to create a couple of fractals.

    18 Sep 2006, 23:10

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