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April 28, 2006

Distractions from revision

For the past week or so I've been down in Coventry revising for my resits and have reaped the rewards of not having my PC down there with me as a distraction. I've come home for the weekend and there it is, in it's awesome distracting glory so the question needs to be asked … "Should I take it down to Coventry with me when I return?"

For the next 8 weeks of revision I'm going to need some way of getting onto the internet and some form of light distraction purely so I don't go mad but my PC is never just light distraction, it's a huge distraction. It won't really fit on the little desk I've got plus I'd need a chair in order for me to sit in front of it which I don't have right now so is it really worth taking down there with me?

Those cover most of the negatives:

–Too Big
–Needs Chair
–Won't Fit on Desk
–Distraction (I've got this twice because it's a REALLY BIG distraction)

But the positives are:

+Won't get mind numbingly bored
+Huge array of music and films/tv to listen to/watch
+Access to E–mail, past exam papers, general knowledge etc

So I'm stuck, I've thought of getting a laptop to take down to use to revise and access the internet but that involves spending £400 at least, which is £400 I can't really afford to spend unless of course someone has a half decent laptop they don't need because they have two perhaps? Just a thought. Anyway I don't have a clue what to do.

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