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April 10, 2007

Procrastin… Procrast… um… avoiding work

Looking for an excuse to avoid work for an hour or two? Here are my top 5 tips (that I’ve been putting to good use this afternoon):

1) Create an iTunes “Revision” playlist adding a number of albums then choosing which tracks best suit your work ethic. Wasted a good hour at least just listening to tracks and deciding which would best “help” me work.

2) Clean your room. Yes I know this isn’t fun but let’s be fair, neither is revision and at least I have a tidy room now, a much better “working environment”.

3) Read the BBC website section of your choice. My favourite is usually the sports section.

4) Find and read a webcomic. I’ve read Penny Arcade for quite a while and through them found a link to a great comic called Sam and Fuzzy which has taken up most of my morning. Seriously, this is good stuff and I’ve not stopped giggling all morning, I think my house mate is worried about me.

5) Blog. Doesn’t matter what, anything and everything is worth a blog, even something as useless as tips on how not to revise.

There he is!

Follow-up to Where is James Edwards? from Words on t'internet

So… for anyone who read my post, Where is James Edwards, I found him!

I was walking through Leamington on Saturday night looking for somewhere to have a drink with my girlfriend when, out of nowhere, literally stumbling across the road (and in front of a Police Car to boot) was the missing man himself, James Edwards.

I dragged him back onto the pavement and we got chatting, neither of us had the others number and his phone battery was dead so I’m gonna have to try and track him down again one day but it’s nice to know he’s around. It turns out that even though he got better marks in all his resits than I did the University refused to accept him back onto the Maths course. This is outrageous from my point of view, I can’t see how I, who did worse than him in my resits, is allowed to continue my studies (my marks weren’t even good) while he is forced to leave.

The reason given was that I showed “improvement” while his marks were lower than the first time around but basically he’s being punished for the fact that I screwed up more than he did first time round. I believe that the exams last year were harder than the year before and he has every bit as much right as I do to finish his degree.

Either way my opinion of the University has hit a new low, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

Anyway. Back to the revision, hopefully I can get decent marks and get the hell out of here.

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