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September 06, 2006

Picking My 3rd Year Maths Modules

Ok, it’s a little scary to be honest, sitting here, looking through the PYDC online and choosing modules for this coming year. 2 months ago when I got the results of my resits (a pass, not what I wanted but better than a fail), and found out I would be coming back but only on the pass degree I was a bit all-over the place. I was happy to have passed but a bit wary of what being on the pass degree entailed. I know I have to do the Consolidation Module, which is 15 CATS but I’m now lost as to what else I should choose which will best help me acheive my goal of getting an honours degree, preferably a 2.2 if I can get it.

I like the look of:

MA241 – Combinatorics
MA228 – Numerical Analysis
MA245 – Algebra II (although I’m not sure of this one as I had to resit Algebra I)

and so far:

MA3E2 – Group Theory (although again I didn’t do well in Algebra I)
MA3E5 – History of Maths (which gets me out of an exam)

but as to the remaining 45 CATS I have no idea, does anyone have any tips for me? Anything I should avoid like the plague or embrace with open arms? (ok, I know I’m talking about maths modules but if I don’t start to show enthusiasm I may as well not bother)

Come on people! I need help!

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