June 13, 2005

Truly great word, mine not, sadly

Donna : Where are the cookies?
Laura : You mean Fred and Ginger.
Donna : Dancing.
Donna : If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I'd be dead.
Laura : Gotta go, Donna. I'll call you tomorrow.

June 02, 2005

the more you look the less you see

I was once lost but now I am found.
I was once old but now I am young
I was once a lie but now I am a truth
I was once looking but now I am seeing
I was once nothing but now I am something
I was once at the beginning but now I am at the beginning

Donít try to hard to understand what it might mean because it you have to ask yourself the question they you don't know the answer.

What is become of me when I die?
What was I before I was something?
Is nothing actually something
Are there really more connection in a human brain than atoms in the universe


In my final pointless thought consider this "Is language an aesthetic or is aesthetic a language?" – don't answer, in fact don't even read it!

February 08, 2005

Back and in good time for nothing at all.

I guess from time to time there is nothing to be said and more often than not there is a lot that should be said if only someone would say it or not as the case for whatever had to be said or not for that matter is of cause no matter at all.

As for the conclusions that cannot be reasonably made with the lack of evidence that is either positive or inconclusive to the original hypothesis, if we are to believe that there was such an entity … ever, it only follows that the following misinterpretations is in fact not a fact at all but nothing more than INATE RUBBISH.

You keep on not reading and Iíll just keep on forgetting not to not write this stuff

Peace out.

November 25, 2004

And so it begins

it was a dark dark night in Leamington Spa … shut the feck up rhain and get out of my head, there is only room enough for the 6 of use, don't you know even God had a day off!!
And on the 8th day, he was rudely awoken by the post man demanding that he sign for a parcel full of sex toy! And having not order any such thing was most displeased and put it upon himslef to punish all postmen and created the dog (god backwards – conicidence i think not).
!!!! 2 clear things up i do not have a gender bias, so from his point onwards will alternate male and female gender at a random and stastically even method – piss off).


Till then, be good or be careful, or just be


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