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September 28, 2005

Personal Music Concerts For Everyone In The Local Area


It's whinge time. Shock, horror.

In short, personal headphones, to me, means just that. Personal.

In the age of the iPod and apples headphones (they may produce a rubbish sound but they do a good job at being personal), you would have thought that you wouldn't be bothered any more by having to listen to other people's music in confined spaces.

Alas, today, like most days, there's always one. 50 Cent, Jean Paul, Kanyaye West (spelling?) were just some of the 'Juicy Tracks' that an entire floor of people had to put up with coming loudly from someones not so personal, personal headphones.

They are away with it, tapping their feet, oblivious to the collective groan thats let out each time the track changes. When one guy started singing along sat across from him, he still didn't twig.

Consideration for others needed? Maybe. Education on the fact that a decent set of headphones where most (if not all) of the noise goes into your ears rather than poorly into those attached to the ones around you? Definately.



September 21, 2005

The Glass Wall


Today I may have found a link that finally explains to me what everyone means by the 'Big Brother Generation'.

Whilst walking home from work, on the opposite side of the road a domestic arguement was taking place. As I approached it was clear that it was actually very vocal and very physical.

What also caught me was how I followed the others around me who were just ignoring the situation or actually watching.

So, we've got a man physically attacking a woman, with her friend trying to pull her away to stop it.

When the girl hit the pavement the third time, it was hard. The three people behind me let out an 'oooooo' akin to that as if they were watching You've been framed at home on the couch.

They were fighting by a busy road, so I just called 999 and reported the domestic. Then, just carried on walking. Had I done everything I could? I thought about going over, but the bloke was at least a foot taller, had consumed alcohol (the can of carling gave it away) and clearly angry. Not that it matters, but it had something to do with her 'losing his kid'.

60 seconds later, as they round the corner to argue further, with the friend distraught on the steps of a local shop, the police turned up, and promptly took a turn to go in the wrong direction. They made a u-turn but I have no idea if they caught up with them.

It burns, but should have I seen if the friend was alright? There was this overwhelming need to turn to these people watching and ask if we should actually do something about it. (That is not to say i'm some sort of saint). Are we all such cowards? Self preservists? Would we endanger ourselves to protect another human being? No, we just want to watch because if it was on the other side of a TV tube glass wall, it would make great TV.




September 20, 2005

More Balloon Pictures


I've plonked up some more balloon pictures. Will someone also tell me if i'm spelling balloon right. It just looks wrong.

The 35mm are the good ones. I need to get my fingers to a scanner though.



September 16, 2005

Deep Heat


I suffer from back pain. From time to time I twinge a nerve and i'll be in sharp pain down my legs for days at a time. This morning, whilst showering, I was heard to let out a yelp of pain as the air was dragged from my lungs and I collapsed in a heap in the bath. Not a slip, the trapping of a nerve and the subsequent descent in to total uselessness.

So I decided, for the first time, to use deep heat to sooth the trouble. Never tried it on my back before. So, sprayed it on, and waited. Not a thing.

In an effort to remove the smell I donned some talc powder. In doing so, I passed over the area sprayed with my hands and soothed the talc in. Five minutes later this intense buring sensation lets rip across my body. One quick whip in the mirror leads me to the answer. The deep heat had kicked in and in spreading it around with my hands I now exhibited red blotches all over me in some particuarly random shapes.

Mental note: Deep heat is not immiediate in action. Never touch applied area with hands and then touch anything else. Lord knows what might have happened if I'd gone to the loo or something (yes, I did just go there).

When the cream has previously been applied to my legs, it's not been so bad. But when the searing heat tears through more sensitive areas of the body, it causes issues. Be warned.

It's taken several hours, but they've gone. Will I use deep heat spray again, yes. Because it worked. I spent so much time desperately trying to calm my skin down I forgot about the pain in my back. Bingo.



September 14, 2005

Dude, Where's My Sanity?


After a while to mull things over as a confirmed insane bloke. I've come up with a couple of pro's and con's to the situation.

Con – People react oddly when first hearing it.
Pro – They tend to laugh with me and soon realise its actually quite funny.

Con – You need to inform various parties of the fact you are officially nuts.
Pro – They can't figure out what the problem is when they meet you.

Pro – You can play with people by acting nuts and then coining it off as a joke. (Which it is).
Con – Sometimes they don't believe you or don't get it and try to have you committed.

Con – Women will definately not like the fact your a confirmed nutcase and the stereotypicaly 'nutjob' pops up in their minds as a major turn off.
Pro – Sympathy vote? – Oooo, that's topical. Where's my moral high ground?

Con – Once one person knows, others find out and questions start to flood in. I'm getting bored with it. If i'm allowed to.
Pro – Plenty of attention from everyone asking if I'm ok, how shallow of me.
Con – Will people please stop asking me if I'm ok, ok?

Pro – The process of fixing the problem has really helped.
Con – The last step of the problem can't be solved very easily. Damn.
Pro – Fixing the last step of the problem is gonna be damn good fun though.



September 13, 2005



This idea was inside Angels and Demons and I think, for all its strangeness, it might just be useful.

Basically, Rather than asking your mind for a solution to a potentially impossible challenge, simply ask your mind to remember the solution. The presupposition that you once knew the answer creates the mindset that it must therefore exist. This eliminates the conception of hopelessness in the situation.

Neat huh. Well I thought so.



Comfort in Sound


Two entries, two days. A sign of the lack going on around here :D

With the launch of sony's new toy at work, i've been working a lot. 10 days straight at one point. Now it's calmed down, my days off are creeping in again. Thing is, i'm totally lost as for what to do. I half want to make a trip into town tomorrow just to pop in. I must be well programmed.

With no one else here as of yet, my time has been spent reading (as previously mentioned). I've increasinly been listening to more music on the go and whilst relaxing just for something to keep my brain on the active side.

The last couple of weeks and the next will see the dispatch of:

State of Fear
Angels and Demons
Digital Fortress
Harry Potter 1
Long Way Round
Fishmarket Close
Steven King's Bachmann Books

and the random ramblings I could find anywhere else inbetween including two months worth of edge magazines and the interesting bits in an issue of the IEE. Which means I must be desperate.

These have been read often to the tune of:

The Bravery
The Music
Daft Club (Remixes of Daft Punk)
LRD (Citroen Advert album)
Massive Attack
Mr Folds
and Zero 7

With splashings of:


on PSP played inbetween.

On the subject of music, I managed to buy three CD's from the 'Dance' section of Virgin Megastore in Birmingham the other day. Further to my arguement that I am now actually nuts.

Just watched Lee Mack on Live at the Apollo. I felt he was a slow starter but had me in stitches at the end. So, when the warwick advance website kicks in, I heartily recommend everyone grab tickets to the first comedy gig this year that's listed to feature him.

I'll review some of those books tomorrow. Not much else to do :D



September 11, 2005



I'm back….................!

I'm peniless, drinking will do that to you….............!

Pictures of hot air balloon ride to come. I promise.

Still having fun constructing kitchens, laying lino and general decorating.

I'm sick of work. I'm fed up with hearing my own voice repeat the same lines and answer the same questions I always have done and always will have to. I'm done with pretending to care. Pretending to give a stuff. This weeks task is to prove to myself that the grass is not greener, that I am in the best part time job I can get. That I should stay where I am.

Women confuse me. A lot. A hell of a lot. You learn something new everyday. I envy the men of the world who have to make no effort to attract women. Right now, the lengths at which i'm going to to look after myself and prep myself day in day out to be my best, can only be described as military and almost female in scale. What was I doing when these learning experiences took place in my earlier life? Probably sat in front of a sodding PC trying to fix it.

Topic of discussion, I've been without the net for several weeks. No PC really for several weeks. Yet i've not really missed it. I'm reading loads of books, relaxing with my PSP or i'm out drinking. Now i've got it all back, i'm not using it. My PC sits for an hours use over three days if it's lucky. I've lost interest in the web except for when I need specific info. I've no mad rush to get rid of any withdrawal symptoms at all. Is this normal? Will I one day be back to pointlessly browsing at random?

Second point in closing, where is everyone? I'm one lonely git down here right now. I need some new faces back in town. So get on with it.

Third point in closing, I'm going to try to fly somewhere out of Coventry airport if just for a day before uni starts again. I need to get off this rock and onto another. Where, o where should I go?



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