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June 03, 2006


Hey up,

Make Pete Doherty History (Enough said really)

Make the World Cup History (The rest of the general public demand it)

Make the AUT strike History (I'd like my degree to run smoothly please)

Make George Gallaway History

Make Nikki from Big Brother History (By blowing her head off preferably)

Make my financial problems History

Make The Daily Mail History




By a somewhat cruel twist of fate i've been tagged by one of these fill me in chain mail style things. I shall however fill this one in for three reasons:

1. It was set as a task for me by Deano
2. I will do anything to avoid revision
3. It's remarkably simple in comparison to the junk I normally have arrive

I am Daniel Adams. Please note, the Addams family of cinema fame has two d's. That's my only escape from the jokes. Try writing Adams into your phone. Yep, that's right. It never was my nickname though. BigD is what they called me. I'll leave why to your sick and twisted imaginations.

I want my final exam to be over so that I can finally say i'm finished, like every other git around here.

I wish I had more self control to do revision.

I love Vicky, my family, my closest friends and a good macaroni pudding.

I fear spiders. Oh, and boats. Deep water freaks me out. The vast blackness of the unknown depths. I guess I also fear the time when we run out of petrol. I love cars.

I hear that to have a good time you have to drink and go to places where they play deafening repetitive music in the pitch black. Bullshit. You don't have to do these things to have fun you sad little individuals.

I wonder if life will ever get any easier from here on in.

I regret not joining any societies at uni. In fact no I don't. Why do I have to join societies to be a well rounded person? So get lost.

I dance rarely and badly.

I cry when The Office or The Royale family comes on TV, because they are utterly shite.

I confuse myself. Lots.

I tag ooooo let me think. Shall I enter into the spirit of this thing 100%. I've already filled it out, isn't that enough? I tag no one. I'm sure this thing will survive without my further input. I'm also sure most of the people i'd fork this over too have been covered.



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