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April 21, 2006

There Will Be No Song and Dance.

Hey all,

Put simply, I didn't get the Japanese job.

I'm on the alternate short list. Which means if enough idiots give up the opportunity of a life time, they send me.

I could rant on about the fact that i'll miss all the orientation should they decide to send me at the end of September, or that I now can't plan our future further than my own nose.

But I won't.



April 02, 2006

Over The Top


Apologies for incomplete Japan interview Blog. I might one day complete it. Plus if, if, if, I get the job then it'll be the blog of 'Another Englishman in Japan'.

I suppose I should write about somethings….......

The buses – I paid for a bus pass. I'd like some sort of bus service. Please. Is that a possibility? What's more, the process of complaining, even by the University, is met by a stone wall. It's now not uncommon for anything up to four buses to accumulate on campus at any one time. Then, you'll climb on the front one, only to find that the one behind leaves first but you weren't told. Second to that, buses depart for Leamington with no-one on them because the service terminated at University. Does it not make sense to just ferry passengers back and terminate at the top of town or the parish church so they can go to the depo? There are buses now that do this and sometimes they aren't posted as such on the front. It's got better, but when a bus says Sydenham on the front and i'm then told I need to get off because he actually only goes to the train station is out of order.

Our bus stop is the first on the route. So you'd think that they would wait time there to sort things out. But no. There is a culture of leaving bus stops early and waiting time anywhere they fancy. Some bus drivers go buy lunch. Others sit and smoke. Some just want to get back to swap over for their break. It means that people are left waiting for buses that have already gone past. There are buses that terminate at our stop. Which has two schools of thought, the bus driver now has to negotiate his way back to town to go back to the depo. So why not just terminate in town before or after our stop? (You can get to the depo easy one stop before us, but once you turn on to our road, they have to take the loop).

It's also true to say that my Grandmother could drive a bus better than some of these monkeys. The disregard paid to passengers over speed bumps (especially when the average age of the occupant is 70 odd) is unforgivable. A lady actually cried out today and another gritted her teeth and held on for dear life as we negotiated a turn in town way too fast, calling for some harsh corrective breaking.

I talked to our next door neighbour bus dispatch worker in leamington, he's told me the buses are "shite" and that "you can't rely on them can you". He can't do anything and is quite ready to admit they are rubbish. So when you own employees know there's a problem, surely thats alarm bells to those higher up?

I'll pass comment on the stupidly small number of buses going to campus over the hols. It used to be repetitive times over the hour to campus and all was well, you knew where you stood. Now it's randomly set times over the day but only certian ones go to campus, the rest stop in Kenilworth. Why go all that way and not pop through campus?

That's that. Another bus rant.

What else….......

Oblivion on Xbox 360. I've played in three time and my play time is over twelve hours. It's addictive. It could take over my life. I need to put it down so I can do my exams. I could talk for hours about it. But I won't bore you with the nerdy RPG stuff. :D

Lastly, i'm now facing the wall. Facing the trench ladder. I'm about to go over the top into nomans land. These next five weeks will determine the outcome of my degree and i need to lay the work down. So i best go off to do that….......



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