October 03, 2005

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy….......Sit, Sit, Sit

Hey all,

So, freshers week is over. Busy as it was. I've managed to inherit a cold from spending too much time on the middle of the Top Banana dance floor. Yes. There. Shut up.

In a shaky link (you'll see it in a bit) the new NintenDogs bundles arrived at work today. So, you get a brand new Nintendo DS in pink or blue with your choice of puppy breeds. Something like that anyway.

Needless to say, the pink DS is absolutely perfect. Not that i'm a big girl, it's just perfect for what it is. They must have tirelessly worked for the right shade of pink, the right colour layouts, everything. They are just a superb item to behold. Bit OTT you might think, but in context of what the item aims to do, it's flipping perfect.

So, there's me, with a pink DS in my hands and my eyes wide with appreciation. Next, pop in the daschund breed selection of dogs and start to play.

You start by going to the kennel and looking at whats on offer. The golden retriever took our fancy, so we chose that breed. Then, you go to the new puppy section and choose the particular puppy you want, all with their own personality traits. We chose a laid back young lady who like sleeping. Fantastic.

So thats it. Then you take the pup home. First task is to calm the nerves out of the puppy in its new locale. Then, you have to name it.

Picture the scene. Three men have in their hands a puppy. A golden retriever puppy.

"So, what shall we call her then?"
" I dunno"
"Well we need to call it something"
"Don't call her it"
"look, that's emotional attachment"
"shove off"
"No you shove off"
"Give me the puppy"
"No it's my turn"
….....................etc etc.

So, after much deliberation, by lunch time, we have a puppy called Sammy. Sandy Sammy.

You then have to teach Sammy her own name. You have to speak it into the microphone, then repeat it and she will come to you when you call that particular word. You need to repeat it over and over until she has learnt it. Then, she forgot it. So we started again.

Sammy didn't get her name straight away. You have to reward her when she comes to her name. Pavlov's dogs stuff.

Once she'd got that, it's time to teach her to sit (note the change in tone of this piece, Sammy is now very real….........gulp). Repeat the recording procedure and reward her when she's got the hang of it.

It all sounds remarkably simple. But it reduced three fully grown men to bumbling bafoons. I'm there with no voice due to this cold (shaky link) trying to get out the words 'Sammy' and 'sit down'.

In short, I don't care who you are, on some level, this thing is totally captivating. Any human being who couldn't develop an emotional attachment on some tiny level to one of these things is…........well….......dead.

I get to take Sammy for a walk this weekend. She's strictly Chris' dog. But he's letting me take her out to play with her ball and frisbee. Wicked.



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  1. Anthony

    You're just weird :P
    Going to Top Banana was obviously just on part of a slippery downhill descent into insanity.

    05 Oct 2005, 09:21

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