November 18, 2005

New Territory


Long time no see. Busy busy time behind, and ahead. Thought i'd get something in before it all kicks off.

So, in a BT advert stylee,

I've met this girl. Well, she's not a girl. She's a fully grown woman who's training to work with kids.

It's currently nothing short of awesome. I'm having to learn a whole new way of thinking. Trying to pick up on the correct reply to certain sentances…......which i'm currently crap at.

In fact, I don't get this lucky, these things don't happen to me at all. I'm in a state of shock over it all. This woman, actually wants to spend time with me. Which is at first confusing, then complimentary, then just plain odd. "Sorry, you actually want to be sat here with me?" "Are you not bored beyond belief?" "Did I tell you i'm boring?" "Oh" "But you're still here"

However much the downbeat side of my brain attempts to give her ways out of all of this, she ignores me.

It's all early stages. So far, i've enjoyed what I thought was an almost perfect dinner with her. We had plenty to talk about, i don't know if we laughed enough, did we have enough in common…...the mind boggles. But she wanted to go to mirage after that, and in a distinct personality shift, I actually 'boogie-ed' mostly sober. She didn't leave either once she saw that. Bonus.

Mirage did teach me several things. That I need to learn to like (read – 'cope') listening to Brian Adams and Bon Jovi. You have no idea how much of a task this will be. It's akin to the Sideshow Bob Matlock Dilemma from the Simpsons. Except I can't walk off the dancefloor away from this amazing woman for fresh air when it comes on. Apparently all I need is re-education. I need partially selective hearing if i'm ever to survive it.

We've done the shopping bit as well. Even the washing up bit. Apparently these are all 'bits' that are involved in these things. Shopping left me with a new set of jeans in the first new fit i've tried in four years. Look what she's done to me already. Although she was right. To fight back we got her a top she wouldn't have bought but makes her look fantastic. So rasberry to you too.


So, expect, possibly, some scribbles on the oddity of surfing the new territory of relationships.



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  1. Good innit?

    19 Nov 2005, 01:27

  2. Oh dear – it's going to be hard work keeping you on the musical straight-and-narrow isn't it! :D

    Of course, one can always retreat for a toilet break when the really awful stuff hits, but that's always a gamble: sure you might be desperate to get away as soon as you hear the first notes of that Steps song, but be careful, as you may find yourself returning to the sound of S Club 7, pop so sickly sweet it resembles injecting Reef directly into your eyeball.

    Still, if it's someone that actually likes this sort of music you should be okay, as 'I like pop music and whatever's in the charts really' is code for: 'I have no musical taste, save me the doldrums of my Pop Idol inspired musical misery and educate me the joys of music that means something'.

    If she likes RnB though you're screwed.

    20 Nov 2005, 01:54

  3. Kev

    sounds like cupid and a couple of mates of his decided to shoot you with a barrage of arrows, one was clearly not enough.

    17 Jan 2006, 13:28

  4. Bev

    Hi Kev, I agree. Good luck to you both, hope it's still going well!

    17 Jan 2006, 13:30

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