September 16, 2005

Deep Heat


I suffer from back pain. From time to time I twinge a nerve and i'll be in sharp pain down my legs for days at a time. This morning, whilst showering, I was heard to let out a yelp of pain as the air was dragged from my lungs and I collapsed in a heap in the bath. Not a slip, the trapping of a nerve and the subsequent descent in to total uselessness.

So I decided, for the first time, to use deep heat to sooth the trouble. Never tried it on my back before. So, sprayed it on, and waited. Not a thing.

In an effort to remove the smell I donned some talc powder. In doing so, I passed over the area sprayed with my hands and soothed the talc in. Five minutes later this intense buring sensation lets rip across my body. One quick whip in the mirror leads me to the answer. The deep heat had kicked in and in spreading it around with my hands I now exhibited red blotches all over me in some particuarly random shapes.

Mental note: Deep heat is not immiediate in action. Never touch applied area with hands and then touch anything else. Lord knows what might have happened if I'd gone to the loo or something (yes, I did just go there).

When the cream has previously been applied to my legs, it's not been so bad. But when the searing heat tears through more sensitive areas of the body, it causes issues. Be warned.

It's taken several hours, but they've gone. Will I use deep heat spray again, yes. Because it worked. I spent so much time desperately trying to calm my skin down I forgot about the pain in my back. Bingo.



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  1. Lewis Henson

    You'll only make that mistake once… it's a bit like a firework that's not gone off – never go back to it!

    17 Sep 2005, 00:12

  2. Julian

    26.7.07 Hi Daniel,
    I have just come accross your Deep Heat coment by accident. I used to have major back problems which eventually progressed into a prolapsed disk. Believe it or not I am now 99.7% pain free. Let me know if your still having grief and I’ll see if I can help.

    All the best

    26 Jul 2007, 17:15

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