February 22, 2006

Coronation Street


Before I finish my JET interview blog, I just can't stop the feeling within me to rant about a certain TV program.

A certain chain of events has been leading to this moment. Don't say I didn't warn you.

So, what's the most watched TV show in Britain? No, it's not sodding Eastenders anymore. It's the every more (insert every possible deragatory profanity here) rubbish Coronation Street. Something like 11.5 Million people sat down to watch the poxy programme over the last week.

Sorry, but a descriptive word will precede every mention of the programme in mention.

What does it say about today's culture and society when 'The Programme That Shall Not Be Named' is the most watched entertainment from the cathode ray dispenser?

Not only that, most of it's viewers are too lazy to even name it fully, shortening it to 'Corro' or it's referenced to as 'The Street'.


When Jeff marries Martha, Fred's estranged brother twice removed cousin previously Esmerelda sex changed girlfriend, Bob hits Tony, his half father shopkeeper prostitute serial killer lover, because he wants to marry Martha, his step mothers split personality.

Seriously, no, that's actually next weeks story line.

When people try to argue that its actually good. You have to ask them why. Then, it's like they weren't expecting that question. It's like they expected the totally undeniable 'Corro Force' will brainwash you into liking it for them. If that fails and they actually have to come up with reasons, normally the shock causes brain failure and the replies chortle nervously something along the lines of 'Cos it is'. Well, our survery says…............ee uuuh.

Ok, so that's cruel. So drop me some justification. It's well written? Let me describe the 'too many cooks' problem. Then, actually go back and read some of the plot lines. Think to yourself about them for a while, you'll find a four year old must have been on the writing council. A sadistic four year old who knows only four words. Die, Kiss, Split, Kill. See how many story lines you can make with the characters available in the programme. Oh look, loads, and they all seem like ones they actually used. Told you, four year old.

When there are soap esque drama's out there like Desperate Housewives that are written a darn sight better (not quite perfect but give me that) why is this pap watched?

Then, viewers are shocked by the events on screen more often than not. But, they've read it last week in a gossip magazine so know what's going to happen. I pray for these people.

So if it's not well written, where's the next bit of justification coming from? Oh, it's well acted?

Uhhu. Please. Casualty is better acted. Yes. I said casualty is better acted. I saw some of Highlander the other night. That was better acted. Yes, yes it was.

Why, if it's well acted, have these people never been offered anything remotely better than a backwater job in a poor British soap opera? Ok they have? They've only turned it down because their job is secure for all 60 years of their working life as a regular.

Oh god there's more in this rant. But if I continue, I will insult and possible maim.

The backlash to this post will be more painful than any of you can possibly imagine.



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  1. Respective girlfriends

    You are a dead man…....

    23 Feb 2006, 10:39

  2. THE respective girlfriend

    …. and concerning the ban, it is now extended indefinately!!!

    23 Feb 2006, 10:46

  3. Val (Valmond)

    Dear Mr. Daniel Adams:

    To begin with, Val is short for Valmond, which means I’m a guy. I live in Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada. I must tell you (which might be construded as unfortunate, given the nature of your editorial) that Coronation Street (Cory for short in these parts) is also quite a sensation in Canada. Can so many people’s opinions be wrong??? One might wonder.

    I assume you hail from Great Britain. Therefore, you have a different perspective on Coronation Street than any Canadians may have. “Perspective” is really the catch-word on which we should concentrate. Nothing is black and white, never was, nor will ever be! It’s all a matter of perspective.

    Here in Canada, we have to fight against the American cultural influence, given we live next door. It’s hard to resist importing their broadcasts. Therefore, when I can plug into another cultural influence other than American in nature, I find it refreshing. That includes the likes of Coronation Street. Yes! It’s a soap opera. The reason I appreciate it, however imperfect its writers may be, is because it features regular people. By that I mean people with whom you might cross path on any average day. Furthermore, they are average in size and looks, though some are stunning. If you compare that perspective with the average American Soap Opera, it does not compare at all! In American Soaps, everyone seems to be a hung or a fatal beauty, not at all representative of the average people who may be watching their boradcast.

    As for the sometimes raunchy themes and situations, they reflect what we find behind everyone’s smile. Everyone has a secret life that differs from the image he or she projects to the world, even to people close to his or her life. It makes for an interesting discussion, whether you are a fan or not!

    Your views are quite interesting. I didn’t mean to argue with them. I just offered you an alternate perspective on the subject. I noticed you seemed to use words that were suggesting you were angry about it. It’s only a soap opera, remember? Nonetheless, I thank you for the opportunity to read your perspective on the issue.

    I hope my English is appropriate to convey my point of view, given my first language is French. I love the English language, if only because it offers me more freedom to colour my thoughts with words.

    Again, thank you for the opportunity!
    Yours truly: Valmond E. Leger, Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada

    30 Sep 2007, 19:47

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