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January 26, 2010

Brand new blog and the very first entry:)

Preparing for my very first entry in my brand new blog I decided I may need a book which will lead me in the right direction and give me a quote to start from. When in the library to return my MIP books, (Hurray! Done with the essay! Meaning: Moving on to the next one..), I found a book by Philip Wickham on strategic entrepreneurship. I thought it may help...

Now looking at it and reading some parts of it I must say it really stressed me out. Am I an entrepreneur type? I have always thought I was. I love to put ideas into action, I am focused and motivated when I do something I am really into, I can multitask and always wanted to be informed in various fields. I have always perceived being my own boss as something that would allow me to specialise in so many different things and keep the job diversity going. Am I made for risk, though? I like the thrill, but do I like the outcomes if it does not work out the way I wanted it to..?

I have lived with uncertainty for a while: travelled, lived in many different places, constantly adjusted to new environments and really lacked the stability. It was an exciting and, I must say, quite a mind-opening experience. However, I start noticing the lack of motivation to keep the uncertain lifestyle going. Am I ‘no sell, no income and it’s all good’ kind of person?

Sales are not my thing. I can do it but it doesn’t make me feel happy. I like to communicate and play with projects: plan, budget, deliver, change according to feedback etc.

This blog has become very self-centred by now. This whole self-reflection process seems to be focusing on me. OK then...

Let’s look at the idea and leave the rest for later.

The idea came to me last summer. It was not a business idea that would help me live of the royalties forever... It’s more of an idea that may either develop into something bigger and innovative or be merged with a product which would have to compete on a quite full market. Then it would need a very fresh approach. It may be a job on a side that could be established and let be.

What am I saying? The business doesn’t work like that, does it? You watch it, improve it, keep the pace and never stop for a minute...

Anyways, I will elaborate on the idea itself later. Now I’d just like to say that the last CE session’s task (Fish and Chips) made me understand that the idea itself may look great, but it’s only when you reflect upon it taking outside criticism on, only then, you can fully notice the holes in the narrative you have in your head. That’s what happened to me. I took that week to consider how to make my idea rounder, fuller, put more content in it and make it a better experience for the customers. Tough job that was and there’s a long way to go...

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