October 22, 2009

Call for Participants

I am a sociology finalist just beginning a research project for my dissertation. The subject of my research is artificial/donor insemination and the way in which the internet is used to facilitate this, for example to negotiate access to donor sperm, to establish kinship ties or as a support network. I am interested in the experiences of anyone invested in sperm donation: this could be women/couples who have been recipients of donor sperm, children from donor sperm or the sperm donors themselves.

I am planning to conduct my research using two methods: ethnography of forums or newsgroups, which involves examining posts and discussions, and email interviews. Everything I use will be anonymised to protect the identities of participants. The research itself will be used for my dissertation, and there is a possibility of publishing an article in the Reinvention Journal for undergraduate research; in the latter case, I will ensure that anyone who agreed to participate for my dissertation is fully informed and given the chance to opt out of a more public use of my research. I know this can be a very sensitive topic and will do my best not to cause any harm, emotional or otherwise, to anyone involved.

Anyone who would be interested in participating in an email interview or would like more information before committing to anything can contact me at A.L.Wheatley@warwick.ac.uk – and I would be very grateful if you could pass this message on to anyone else you know who might be willing to help me. Any links to blogs or other websites on this topic are also welcome.

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