May 23, 2010

summary of this moudle



at the first few quarters, we were losing money due to unsuitable strategies, the price was too high, but at the last quarter, we found the right way finally.

both of the two leaders were willing to listen to group members and they had a good time management, they were compromising each team member's opinions, but i dont think they used their positional power during the class, they were using their personal powers instead. unless a leader can balance these two powers, he can achieve his goals by leading his followers.


chinese characters cant read in the last blog !!!!!! maybe just like my presentation, sometimes i even dont know what im talking~

thanks to all my mates, u r helping me a lot!

sth i learnt from the presentation: first of all, presenting in english is totall different with chinese!!! dont need to prepare for a speech when i was in china, but i cant do it well even though i prepared if its in english.

failed to add values to the slides is also very important

follower n leader

when we were discussing the question of does a leader needs to be follower first, some of my classmates said yes, everyone was a follower before he becomes a leader, just like we were leaded by fathers. id like to say that a person has to got the talent, so that he can be a leader, some people are born to be leaders because they have that kind of talent.when he is talking, he can draw everybody's attention, he can always figure out the key point of a problem and gives a direction to slove this problem, he can always give a ebullient speech to motivate others, being with him, people feel confidence. that kind of talent is about personalities rather than the learning of leadership~ although learning is also very important.

a person with honour must be willing to learn, bothof his culture inside and his knowledge he can use outside achieve a very high level, only this kind of person has the chance to be a good leader.

a sentence came to my mind but dont know how to translate, someone help me :



actually im a BA student~~ dun like anything related to science :)

i write down the advs and disadvs about balance scorecard in order to complete the report


Balanced scorecard takes the four different perspectives as a whole ensures that senior management is taking a balanced view about the performance of the organization. When an organization is using BSC, the short, medium and long term views will be managed in an ongoing, cohesive manner. It connects and appropriately focus on the top level and middle management level actions. The organization¡¯s performance reporting system is much more likely to be focusing on the things necessary to stay competitive in the long term and realize value for its stakeholders. Also, the BSC has the ability to highlight customer requirements.


The BSC dependents upon efficient data collection, its approach is not a quick fix, it takes considerable thought to develop an appropriate scorecard. Another disadvantage should be while communication can commence within a short time, the complete implementation should be staged. Meanwhile, there are risks of focusing too much on internal factors


on 19th of may, we learnt sth about coaching, which makes me confused~

coaching is a process of guidance and help to improve, action oriented, prompt reflection, and a process of internation of team members, listening actively and reflect back.

coaching is not telling people what to do, not dominating, or giving suggestions and stories. then coaching is asking ? whats the difference between guidance and telling? how can people guide others without telling or suggesting????


not anyone can be a leader n not anyone is willing to be a leader. a leader must be a good communicater, to impact and more importantly to encourage his followers give opinions.

a leader does not have to be better than his followers, but he has to have the ability to lead them. leaders should use their authority in a positive way. for example, a company has CEO, managers and other staff. for the CEO, the only thing he needs to do is leading his managers rather than leading all of the workforce. the job of CEO is to make out a profitable strategry, let the managers to manage staff~

most of my classmates are against positional power, in my opinion, a leader should act temper justice with mercy, that means sometimes positional power is needed, under a centain lvl of pressure, human beings can do better than they are relax, and know who is the one can give directions

liu bang ~~

i was thinking what characters should a leader have from the beginning of this moudle, heros in the hitory came to my mind constantly. paul gave an example of a business man who is very successful in Asia, when people ask him why he is so successful, he just tells them he hires people clever than him. just like the first emperor of Han dynasty, Liu Bang, every follower of him was clever than him, however, he conquered China in four years time. he said, making ruses and strategies, he was not as good as Zhang Liang, ruling the contry, he was not as good as Xiao He, leading military, he was not as good as Han Xin, but all of these three people were his followers, thats because he knew their strength, and trust them, let them do their jobs without any cumber, so the followerswere loyal to him by reflecting.

be equitable to every follower, once a leader decide to use a follower, he shoudnt disbelieve the follower, give rewards to followers who are meritorious and discipline followers who are blamable no matter what kind of relationship u r with the followers.

review of L&E

thats my ist blog for L&E, by memory, on the first day of this moudle i learnt that the potential of followers plays an important role during the processes. leaders are supposed to have the skill of allowing their followers make decisions and taking responsibilities during the process.

through the in class simulation, 'leaders' with 'group members' are aiming to solve problems by using their leadership skills, however, what i doubt is every person has his own personality, that means there are different types of leadership which depend on the leader himself.

this moudle doesnt have notes, or slides, what we have done in the first few days was to learn how to be a leader or ovserving leaders

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