December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

To all ye merry folk,

A merry christmas and a happy new year.

And remember that it is material things that are important, not spirituality!

November 14, 2005

A club on the rise!

Anyone who was at Field Mill (home to Mansfield Town FC) on friday night will have witnessed a club on a glorious run of form. Bury FC's 3–0 victory there on Friday was achieved with a minimum of fuss (2 goals in the first 10minutes) and without even playing anywhere near our best football!

Now, tomorrow we face Scunthorpe away from home in an FA Cup first round replay. Despite being 33 places below scunthorpe in the football league, i will actually go out on a limb and say we will win that game. Nobody can stop us from scoring, and everybody loves the cup! )especially when you havent been in the third round since Jan 1998! 5 coaches full of Bury supporters are going (an unprecedented amount), which will bring our away support to about 500! that is massive for a club of Burys size on a tuesday nite at a place roughly 100 miles away! Other league teams should watch out for Bury. The entertainers will soon becoming to a town near you!

November 09, 2005

Bury syndrome

Let me introduce bury syndrome – there is a distinct prominence of very attractive women going out with ugly, fat, dosser men! That is bury syndrome!

I am aware that choosing/having a partner should not be based on looks, but lets be honest its a major part of it! 95%! The initial attraction to someone is in the main physical! A glance at a lithe figure stood at the bar, a connection over a coffee counter, a cheeky smile with the delectable woman serving you a steak and kidney pie in the away end at Rushden and Diamonds football club.

I have seen instances of attractive women going out with total munters elsewhere, but the number of women that have consigned themselves to this fate is vast, above the national average, in Bury. I mean gorgeous women, with complete down and outs. Tracksuited up, fat, ugly losers! Its a real shame!

Why does this happen in Bury so much? Is it the same in Swansea, Nottingham, Birmingham, or is it merely a small town thing. Its very confusing, maybe its the air (or lack of it) in Bury. Anyway, i had to voice that…im off to find an ugly woman with whom i can canoodle!

October 31, 2005

The perils of League Two

Writing about web page

The woe of losing, especially when you have deserved to get something from the game. Alas, Bury have had much practice at losing games and it shows. Anyway, this si only a temporary blip in our revival, guided by the youngest manager in the football league.

We play football nowadays, Real football, with tricky wingers and teammates passing to each other, and real commitment and effort! However, in League 2, you cant win games like that. Notts County, who beat us 3–2 on Saturday were the most despicable long-ball bunch of cheating bastards! However, tehy had one necessary ingredient which will keep them free of any relegatio trouble' a good goalscorer. Glynn Hurst is their only player with a modicum of class and poise. Hes no Lee Trundle, but he will play at a better club than Notts County someday soon.

Anyway, Bury's annual 1 round FA Cup begins on Saturday. Bring on the final in May…Bury v Chelsea. Chelsea wouldnt be able to handle Jon Newby, let alone Simon Whaley!!

October 27, 2005


British anti-terrorism legislation has dangerously endangered civil, that is unless you enjoy the possibility of being arrested at any moment of the day. For thrill-seekers, living in constant threat of arrest may have made a dull life a little more exciting.

However, the repressive British legislation is about to be copied. Enter the possibility of wrongful arrest on French soil. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French Interior Minister has proposed legislation that can lead to arrest and detention for the intention to commit terrorist acts. This legislation is also boosted by harsher sentencing.

It is interesting to note that as Europe scoffed at Britain for again going against the European social model, on eof the bastion's of that model has followed Britain in getting 'tough on terrorism, tough on the causes of terrorism'. What next? The destruction of all problematic trade unions? the end to the 35hour week? the end of bi-weekly road blocks from farmers? Could this be the start of Frangland! A paradise for all Brit holidaymakers! Just watched out for being arrested…

October 21, 2005

Bury – a bleak area for good hairdressing

Where can u go in and around Bury to secure a reasonable haircut. Not a good, not even a great one, just a reasonable one. Having had my hair maimed for the third time in a row whilst seeking a proficient hairdresser in Bury, i have hit an all time hair low!

Not having the looks of Brad Pitt, and thus being unable to carry off any hairstyle, i have had to resort to hat-wearing, which also makes me look like a complete arse. Thus my ugliness is assured for at least 3 weeks until some of my hair grows back, and in which case i have to go through the torturous process of another haircut. A cruel, cruel circle!

If anybody knows of a good haidresser within the borders of Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Burnley etc, i would only be too happy to hear from you. Until then its back to the hat that says 'dole-boy looking for pick a mix at the market'!

October 14, 2005

Surely the end is coming closer for Chinese communism

I firmly believe that economic liberalisation leads to social change. And i believe the sweeping changes occurring in China will have this effect too. Capitalism brings with it many chnages for individuals. Elements such as private property, individual weath etc. Individuals become more selfish and protect what they have earned; community does become a second thought. It is this new selfish motive that will bring about the accelerated decline of the communist government in China. As individuals have their own property/own concerns to represent, there needs to be a channel for the concerns. Concerns that are channelled in the West through political parties and democratic expression. Surely these new desires for freedom that capitalsim brings will quicken change and leave the Communists a stubborn, but spent force.

Hu Jintao can already see a growth in dissent that surely coincides with greater prosperity and the divisions capitalsim brings. In 2004 there were 74,000 protest in China involving some 3.7m people. This is a sharp rise when it is considered that there were only 10,000 protests in 1994 involving a mere 58,000 people. There is now a much greater desire for social freedoms to accompany economic freedoms. As a columnist in The Economist stated, 'The party's dilemma is that much of the unrest is a product of the rapid economic growth that it is so keen to maintain'. As economic liberalisation proceeds unabated so will the strength of political protest and this is sure to eventualy destabilise the communist regime and exact democratic concessions.

The key issue for the Communists should not be holding on to an iron grasp of power, but opening up China democratically so as to position itself strongly in any democratic elections. After all people will remember that it was them (depsite huma rights abuses, past poverty) that have orchestrated this prosperity. This would guarantee them a continued place in Chinese politics.

However, this is all mere speculation. Democracy in China before 2020 anybody?

September 04, 2005

Not so smug now!

Well, well….

The saviour of planet earth, the world's guardian angel, the most self-righteous natio ion the world, a bastion of civilisation and global? values has descended in to chaos!

Oh dear, it must be difficult to tell Iraqi's to 'behave' when your own citizens seize upon a natural disaster to rape, loot, pillage, destroy each other. What a society? All coming together to help each other…or women being raped in toilets of the New Orleans Superdome, and then rapists being beaten to death en masse. Some would say it is the justice they deserve (i agree), but in the USA, home of crazy christians and corporate cavaliers.

If it was not such a tragedy of human life it would be excellent to kich the americans whilst they are down. They preach to all and sundry about their values, but look at that now. These incidents of medieval barbaric behaviour even make Sharia Law look favourable! How the mighty can fall in the eyes of others!

However, Katrina and its effects could be the catalyst for an even stronger America, and a better America. An America that realises individualism and the oppression of the poor has gone too far. An America that realises tax breaks for the rich are going to piss off people living in poverty (of which New Orleans suffered more than most pre Katrina). US society has a chance to realise its soullessness and its mistakes and change to bring more togetherness and equality to the worlds most powerful nation. A society working together is a stringer scoiety, and could resukt in a more powerful America…this may be bad, but at least it would be an America with a conscience.

No one deserves to fear beinbg raped as they look to survive the most traumatic experience they may ever come across. Remember, this is America, not Sudan or Niger.

Its hard to look all-powerful when your people are trying to ruin each other! Time for the Democrats?........

August 29, 2005

Can they get anymore ridiculous

The Daily Mail has gone nuts. Its never been the best of papers, but the idiots who write columns for this bizarre mainstream newspaper have gone completely mad.

The Mail spent the majority of last week highlighting that Tony Blair was on holiday all week! Who cares! Its not a crime! Concentrate on reporting about the abysmal state in which the Conservative Party (Party of Clowns and Old School Simpletons) finds itself, or would this hurt the newspaper too much.

Also, Simon Heffer, an ugly disgrace of a man (or is that hobbit, rodent, quasimodo etc?) wrote that Britain is 'a hardline socialist state'. Yes, 'a hardline socialist state'. He cannot be serious. However, he was. What warped view of the world is this based on…does he notrecognise the very un-socialist tenets on which the UK of today is built. I just fail to believe that he can still have an ounce of respect for himself or his warped view of reality left.

Once the readership of the Mail die en masse…whcih wil be soon as average age of a mail reader is 70+, then we may finally banish this absymal, delusional waste of tree to the rubbish bins of History. To the end of Hitler's paper…!

August 19, 2005

Bring things up to speed

A word on Islam…

I have no real knowledge of Islam, nor any other world religion but i find i must make one point.

Why is it that Islam is interpreted by some people in a way that does not fit the societal age in which we live. I.E – parts of the Koran are interpreted litearlly so as to justify violence against those who do not believe.

Also, SHARIA LAW. It was roughly two years ago when i read of a woman in Nigeria (a part of Nigeria under this Islamic law) who was actually stoned to death for having committed adultery! How can that be possibly justified in this age, in East or West. Also, the punishment of criminals who steal…they have their hands cut off! That is frankly ridiculous, although i imagine elderly Daily Mail readers may support that possibly so as to get rid of ASBO youths. However, that is beside the point. This interpretation of religion is out of context and out of this world. It may have fitted in with the customs of the middle ages but not in an era of relative progression.

I am not criticising Islam or Islamic people. I appreciate that religion is an important part of peoples lives and that all faiths could be valued equally. However, barbaric backwardness should not be tolerated. There are some completely crazy Christians, Jews, Hindus etc but i just though this issue needed highlighting. The teachings of religions need to be taken in context with this day and age! Thus the 10 commandments in the bible cannot be taken as gospel. 'Dont commit adultery'. Well, in an era of sexual openness it happens…just ask Rod Liddle and probably the couple who live down the road!

All teachings need to be applied to this age. Reverting back to centuries old barbarism is ridiculous.

I also recogn ise it has been longer than a week since my last entry! Dont make promise you cant keep is the lesson to be learned!

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