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May 28, 2006

Blog Wars

There seems to be quite a lot of tension around these blogs at the moment. Maybe its the exam time stress coming out or maybe people really dont have anything better to do. I would link to them but can't really be bothered as they are on the talked about page.

Anyways, how about a big fight in the piazza one afternoon to sort things out once and for all. You can all use biros and maybe laptops for weapons, and one side can use all the rubbish in the piazza too because that seems to cause a big debate. Maybe money can be used to give papercuts to those who dont like the people getting well paid jobs.

Then the rest of the 'Student Population'TM can sit back getting wasted, littering and 'not really being the top 5% of people in the country' and enjoy the fun.


The mighty Cheltenham Town F.C. have just won in the League 2 play off final and will now be playing amongst the big boys (of League 1) once again!!

I can't tell you how hard it is to watch a match online with only the occasional text update to keep me up with the action. And you would have thought that Cheltenham v. Grimsby would be a crucially important match to the citizens of Hong Kong.

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