May 28, 2006

Blog Wars

There seems to be quite a lot of tension around these blogs at the moment. Maybe its the exam time stress coming out or maybe people really dont have anything better to do. I would link to them but can't really be bothered as they are on the talked about page.

Anyways, how about a big fight in the piazza one afternoon to sort things out once and for all. You can all use biros and maybe laptops for weapons, and one side can use all the rubbish in the piazza too because that seems to cause a big debate. Maybe money can be used to give papercuts to those who dont like the people getting well paid jobs.

Then the rest of the 'Student Population'TM can sit back getting wasted, littering and 'not really being the top 5% of people in the country' and enjoy the fun.


The mighty Cheltenham Town F.C. have just won in the League 2 play off final and will now be playing amongst the big boys (of League 1) once again!!

I can't tell you how hard it is to watch a match online with only the occasional text update to keep me up with the action. And you would have thought that Cheltenham v. Grimsby would be a crucially important match to the citizens of Hong Kong.

May 25, 2006

Let's see if this goes anywhere…


May 20, 2006


It's a little bit odd that in one single day my life and all my emotions and worries, etc can change from being the worst possible feeling full of stress and boredom into the best feeling in the world.

There is no better feeling than having finished exams.

Just a shame that i'm still in the first type of feeling at the moment. I really hate it.

May 13, 2006


I now have less than a month till I'm back in England. This depresses me. Although it will be good to see people again and I can't wait for the world cup. I'm also hoping for a late call up to the England squad, Sven's been watching me play in training.

In other news I climbed up a tower 338m high yesterday. This is a very high tower and was quite scary but a really good experience. You cant do that in Leamington Spa.

April 30, 2006

I give in – I'll do one of these stupid mass blog things

Go to your music player, set it to shuffle/random, and answer the
following questions with the title of the FIRST song that you skip
to each time.

– note: I never do these but did it for the first few and was fairly amusing so carried on

If you reached the top of Mount Everest, you would scream:
Turn – Travis

The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
Scar Tissue – RHCP

Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
Shame on You – Hot Hot Heat

Your message to the world:
Fake Tales of San Francisco – Arctic Monkeys (doesnt really work now does it)

Your deepest secret:
The Seer's Tower – Sufjan Stevens (arrgghh, its going wrong)

Your innermost desire:
I Remember – Damien Rice (ok, clearly people just make these up, its not working)

Your oldest memory makes you think:
Politik – Coldplay (bollocks to this)

Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
Help Me Rhonda – Beach Boys (I dont know anyone called Rhonda, and certainly wont be marrying her)

On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
Watch They Fly Sundays – Stereophonics (I bet I dont)

Your friends say behind your back:
The Joker – Fatboy Slim (hooray, one kind of made sense)

You say behind your friends' back:
Zuton Fever – The Zutons (no I dont, why would I do that?)

Your opinion of Warwick Blogs:
Sunworshipper – Mylo (eh?)

When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
North West Three – Fatboy Slim (only if im drunk, or hiking somewhere I guess)

If you found yourself lost on a desert island, you'd yell:
Haiti – Arcade Fire (well I guess desert island is quite relevant there)

Right now, your feelings are:
Scared of You – Nelly Furtado (another one that works, good music player)

What's your excuse for reposting this bulletin?:
Black Eyed Boy – Texas (not unless he's been punched)

Your life's soundtrack:
Hurt – Johnny Cash (finish on one that works, and is horribly depressing at the same time – fucking great song though)

OK, so I seriously think people cheat on this, although a few of them did sort of work. Its all clearly just a huge timewasting exercise anyway so nevermind. I'm still worried by the last choice though.

April 29, 2006

Books or Films?

Just had a ridiculously long conversation/debate over which is better, books or film versions of books. I find it hard to see how people can argue that by putting a book onto film it can ever make it better. If you've read a book as it should be read then how can someone elses interpretation of it surpass your own imagination and understanding of it?

I'm interested in peoples opinions on this, and expecially if people can suggest and films that they think are better than the books they come from.

April 26, 2006

My Life Is A Fucking Mess

I don't even have time for a mental breakdown. I think I'm about to do something fucked up. Let's see shall we.

April 22, 2006

Final Fling

OK, so the acts are announced on Monday, but does anyone have any suspicions as to who these 3 'world class' acts may be? I'm not at Warwick at the moment and so am not party to the rumours that may be spreading their way around campus, although I have heard Nizlopi are one of the acts. If this is true, I hope there are still 3 world class acts to be announced because if thats the ents departments view of world class I do begin to worry.

So any suggestions…

April 21, 2006

Will someone please…

…kill Pete Doherty. I'm bored of waiting for him to do it himself.

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