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September 30, 2006


im getting ready for week1. i had to go through all the timetabling on the my insite which is really useful to have at home.
then i had to go to the noticeboards in the sociology department and find out when my seminars are.
for politics tho the timetable isnt up so ill have to wait for that one.
so ive made a timetable of what i have to do next week.
i made a notepad in xp. called it weekly timetable and filled in all my slots.
i can add to it any weekly events, then saved it to desktop for easy access.

also making a fun story about one of the books off my reading list. so i can remember it easier. by making some interesting questions and events that i want to happen. then raiding the index for words.
should turn out to be memorable.

it looks like this but is missing politics seminars:

timetable for this week1


lecture in s0.19 at 12 noon field studies in social research

field studies research methods r325 seminar 13:00 - 14:50

15:00 work in oxfam shop

18:00 go check politics noticeboard

go check sociology noticeboard again in ramphal building.

find politics noticeboard
check seminars


17:00 political theory from hobbes L3 science concourse



13:00 politics of the uk LIB 1

14:00 go see dr roger duclaud williams = tutor 024 76523156 room b1.01 b block science concourse

check noticeboards for seminar groups 2:30 ramphal building
15: go find science concourse
15 :15 go see tutor

15:40 go check noticeboards in politics for seminar groups

if have time go check out westwood
go home and check the seminar groups are ok


10 am SO234L Visual Sociology R1.15 ramphal building

11am – 12.00 am phil mizen seminar
SO234Sm S0.18 R0.12


September 29, 2006

placebo's latest album

5 out of 5 stars

this is a good album. i always listen to this when i want to dream of paris, friends and parties.
its very emotional and romantic. in fact all of placebo’s albums are.
the red light district of music.

battlefield 2

5 out of 5 stars

this is the best game so far. in the year 2005 this game came out. it was summer time and the next generation became real.
war in realistic combat. you can play as a lone wolf or in a clan.
clans use headsets to communicate which means shouting, run!!! to each other quite a lot.
loads of fun but i strongly recommend only when you have finished studying.
it is too addictive.

review of a book

4 out of 5 stars

it was ok. i learnt a few words and phrases in japanese.
it has nice pages made of high quality paper. good cover. nice and thick book.
clear text and font. useful for learning the odd word and phrase.
i tried one phrase on a japanese friend. so if you have a japanese friend or are japanese it is useful for everyday chat and talk..


goah. another new beginning. the term starts soon and i need to read some books. however someone has taken the ones i want.
i guess ill have to buy them. amazon is probably my best bet.
today was spent going to lakeside which was brill. i had a great time with a friend of mine. she is cool.
anyways i guess we start next week so i will probably have to rest for the weekend. it is going to be fun tho.
am pm

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