October 17, 2006

hobbes seminar

hobbes seminar and lecture. now we are getting into it. i found the seminar room in the learning grid amazing. as a a group we got on with the work and ended up with something.
the printouts off the internet were useful and so was the room and laptop.

October 16, 2006


have a hobbes seminar tomorrow. i think hobbes is worth studying cause he thinks so himself. Hobbes says we can all be prophets if we dont just guess but study history. then we can make educated guesses.
i cant believe i didnt make it to aerobics, i think i chickened out. there should be more guys doing aerobics.

October 15, 2006

fashion brand

im thinking of starting a fashion brand. so might put up posters looking for volunteers. i have a logo and thats all at the moment.


October 13, 2006

visual sociology

wow visual sociology is cool. i have some great books which arrived today.

October 11, 2006

study skills

ive thought of some study skills

read topics, reading lists, questions.

skim read


make your own index of key words

think of questions

make mind maps

draft essays

listen to classic piano on itunes radio

drink green tea




practice presentation talking out loud (to anyone you can preferably)

make weekly timetables



found the houses of parliament website with live video today.
the houses of lords are quite entertaining.

cafe needy


October 10, 2006

calendar alerts

What a great idea for deadline reminders. http://www.calendaralerts.net/.

So today was field studies in social research. lecture one.
what is ethnography?

Geertz says ethnography is not about social therapy but is about analysis of social discourse. (Geertz.1973)

I think it is about taking a world view, going in deep and learning from society.

A native people live with their land. they work the land and create what they need. to destroy the land is to destroy everything their people have builtiban


October 08, 2006

the veil.

What are the reasons for oppressing muslim women into being forced not to wear a veil? how much freedom is being protected and how much removed?


As a nation Britain should of course protect the rights of people who feel threatened by the unknown. I understand that for the paranoid it is scary to see a person totally covered whose face you cannot see. Jack Straw’s comments last week, “Above all, it was because I felt uncomfortable about talking to someone ‘face-to-face’ who I could not see are a demonstration of his fear.(The times. 6 october)

The problem is that the uncomfortable people politicians like jack straw represent are also the same people as those who are living in fear of the kids who play football in the street. The constant unhappiness of those who cant seem to find happiness without changing other peoples’ lives.

Jack Straw should realise that the so called “unknown” people in our population are scared too, by the anxious and paranoid. These fears may only get worse without explaining that noone shoudl be scared of others.

The veiled have good reason to be uncomfortable also as liberty is consistently removed from the many for the few. The tool being law. The method is to take for the weak, by law, away from the strong.

week two

have a great week. thesea

i cant belive i missed my admin lecture. woops.

anway i am more prepared this week.
i have my timetable sorted, which now includes society activities.
also i have put everything in plastic folders. and i mean everything. its so fun and useful.

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