August 23, 2005

Part One

It may be a truism, but the fact remains that it’s very likely that whatever you have to say for yourself has already been said countless times before, and very probably in rather more eloquent and precise terms than those which you find yourself using. This may cause endless misgivings about expressing anything, since the futility of attempting to formulate and, subsequently, to coherently present those thoughts in a fashion both precise and comprehensible, is a rather overwhelming one. Hence most kinds of writing, such as one now finds on blogs or public forums for the imparting of the personal (momentary consideration of that phrase aside), are arbitrary, rather rambling and of no particular consequence. Of course, this is no personal (or public) attack on any one person, or indeed any particular collection of persons – we are all in the same, albeit somewhat leak-springing, boat. But then, if this were published in some such form, its lack of bright, colourful, shiny, let’s-get-distracted-together simplicity would probably mean that most potential readers would not get past, well, this sentence at most.

Nevertheless people continue to feel the need to write. “I see nothing to be gained by any explanation/ There are no words that need to be said,” sings Bob Dylan. Well perhaps he’s right, but it seems that the rock legend, who is (even in the opinion of a fan such as myself) now little more than a living death rattle warmed up, would not be able to let us in on that fact if he were not a rock legend who used to be warm enough to tell us all we needed to know already in his songs. Those of us who are unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately) not Bob Dylan may feel that our need for explanation is never quite satisfied or even lessened enough allow us to feel the same way, and the fact that Dylan tells us verbally that there are “no words that need to be said” obviously points to the fact that he is not completely at one with the notion itself. So, with the advent of blogs and similar free methods of publishing one’s own thoughts and ideas (often regardless of the content of said thoughts and ideas), the need to write continues.

“Sorry,” he said, “I got a bit distracted there.”

His companion turned around. “What?”

“Never mind,” he assured him.

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  1. Well you know, Dylan used to care, but things have changed.

    23 Aug 2005, 12:37

  2. Scott Martel

    Now he just sits in his room and eats gravel

    24 Aug 2005, 18:18

  3. Bob

    You're a Liar, I Don't Belieeeve You!

    26 Aug 2005, 13:37

  4. Darby O'Shea

    I was going to insert some quote by some famous author/intellectual which answers to your mention of the need to write. But, as the quote and the famous name both escape me at this early hour, I find myself actually left with no words that need to be said.

    What do you think that Need to Write comes from?

    And, furthermore, why do you seem to have less of a Need to Write than the rest of us out here in the Blogosphere?

    Anyway. Time elapsed between your blog posts notwithstanding, you're a clever monkey. x

    26 Aug 2005, 18:15

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