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November 22, 2010

PP1 Update

At last the nerves of teaching are not affecting my sleep any more, I am now a whole lot more relaxed leading up to the lesson and during it.

Saying this, however, I am getting the increasing sense that I'm not a good teacher.  When the majority of the class look at you, straight after teaching them a method, and complain about not understanding, a feeling of inadequacy and helplessness sets in.  On the one hand, this could be something you just get used to as a teacher, but on the other hand, I could be confusing these young people way more than I should be doing!  Hopefully I'll look back and see the obvious mistakes I made, or perhaps I might even look back and see I was teaching really well and just took things too personally, I don't know.  But for now, I need to work on improving the level I aim my lessons at.  If I aim a bit lower, this could build the class's confidence and encourage them to attempt the harder questions I've been setting so far.

With behaviour management I still struggle.  I'm yet to hand out my first detention, which is relatively good considering it means no-one has been naughty enough to deserve it.  I feel that the more experience I have, the more time at the front of the classroom, the more I'll feel relaxed, confident and let my personality come over and hopefully inspire discipline itself.

Today I have my first revision session with Year 13.  It's Mechanics 1 so it should be pretty straight forward.  It will be interesting to experience this very different form of teaching.

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