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November 28, 2012

QRM reflection

Actually, this is my second time learning quality related management. Before this, I learned a module named “quality management” in my bachelor’s degree. However, learning experience is quite different due to different lecturing styles and different focuses. In my perspective, I think the team presentation is necessary process of this module to help students critical understanding several different quality management tools. For example, the assignment of our group is to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of six sigma and Deming’s philosophy. Six sigma is said like myth by some people. If this is true, why not every manufacturing company use it. If this is not true, why it is so seriously considered by both businessmen and scholars and why Motorola can gain 16 billion dollars during the period of 1986-2001 by the introduction of six sigma. Therefore, there must be some conditions for companies applying it. Firstly, leadership is a critical key to the success of using six sigma. Secondly, the company must emphases on quality not only quantity. Personally I think, six sigma is more likely to be successful in big companies than small companies. When I gave my presentation about the advantages and disadvantages of six sigma, I realized that it is really difficult to define whether six sigma improve job satisfaction or not. Because, on the one hand, not all departments are responsible for the quality control section in traditional aspect, thus, people are not always willing to be trained and learn new unnecessary methodology. On the other hand, six sigma can help company foster effective and cooperative organisational culture, which in return improved the communication between individuals in one company. Hence, which factor is more important to the employees’ satisfaction needs to be better discussed later.

When we were doing the GREENWAYS case study, we met some disagreement on the time planning after buying GREENWAYS garage. Some group members did not agree to close the garage to redecorate the layout of whole garage since it may suffer great loss during the time. However, I think it is necessary to reorganise it immediately to change the image. Another idea I came out was that original staff of the garage could be assigned to other garages of the company and trained, which can cut down the training cost for Triangle Garages. Actually, we all thought this case study has nothing to do with quality, reliable and maintenance. During the problem solving exercise, we acted as detectives rather than consultants but the way we solve this problem and the methods we used are more important and valuable than the result.

Another thing I want mention is that QFD chart is a good tool helping organisation know better about themselves and customer demands. By analysing it correctly, it could help the company spend less time in development, reduce design problems, and most importantly, increase customer satisfaction.

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