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November 30, 2005


This sucks. I'm doing so badly in my tests! Micro, well, i simply didn't know how to start off the equation and for question 2, i screwedit up by putting m = w1 + w2. Argh. Didn't think to multiply by the prices. I am such an idiot!

i just checked my pof results. I did quite badly too – 60%.

Conclusion? Must study this holidays. WHy why why wHHyyy am i so dumb?!!!!?? must suffer then only realise..but even then, i don't really learn my lesson.

I think i've been improving, relative to last year. I went to the lectures, seminars, just didn't do enough revision. I did notes, but its not enough i suppose. Time to sit down and get it all in my head earlier on. Last minute studying isn't really working for me anymore..WHY?!

Now tht i've passed the angry stage, its now moving on to the slump. =( i wanna run n hide…miao.

November 25, 2005

Step by step..

Writing about web page

For the first time, Palestinians control a gateway to the outside world that is vital for Gaza's economy.

The crossing will actually be opened to Palestinians coming from and going to Egypt on Saturday.

Hurrah to Palestine!! May this step becomes the first to many more to come towards their progress, development and freedom..

November 23, 2005 amusing!

Writing about web page

If God was a woman
would I still be a glutton
and stare at her body
and call her a hottie?

If God was a nice girl
would Her flowers be unfurled
as you stare at her breasts
and want to touch her chest?

Would you stare at her legs
and think of Her pretty head
tilted back while pleasured
which the sin not measured?

Legs wrapped around your torso
and Her screaming "oh, Oh, OH"
In a dark hotel floor,
Gideon's in the drawer.

If God was a woman
it has already been done
"To do tothe least of these
you also do to Me."

And THAT's why God is not a woman =p

November 16, 2005

Is it all worth it?

The excitement, preparation, all the effort…is it all worth it for that just fleeting moment?

Feels like its not. Not without appreciation and acknowledgement. The cool cat attitude isn't helping.

We'll just have to see.

November 15, 2005

Superficial Laughs

Bad day today. Real bad. From skipping lecture to bad exam, to forgetting rota signing, to sleepy shift, to hungry night to scratched wok, to vege thieves….i assume by now u can imagine how very pissed i am.

I watched 1st half of fantastic four just now. Laughed a lot.Wasted a bloody hour just to make myself ignore the frustration & be numb again. Alone. just so pissed..


November 14, 2005


It's been a rather full few days for me. Not hectic with things to do but just very mind occupying.

I'm glad things are going as how i initially wanted, but i can't help but reminisce and think of the things i wish i had done differently.

I'm going back into picture-taking mode..i just realised how my time has passed and since i have very poor recollection of events and memories, i really should record them in some form or another.

I miss my ktj days, those sweet simple days..heh, when min was around at least, and i miss singing with the guitar and the night sessions, miss our conferences, rabbit food dining..things can never be the same again i suppose.

Not much point in thinking of the past i suppose..and worse still to have such great expectations of the future..lets just stick to being optimistic and in having faith in people..

Vivian Green - Keep On Going

November 13, 2005

LuCiE rocks!

4 out of 5 stars

I was so happy when hisham told me she was coming to perform in warwick..haha..i went up to sign up for her performance shift asap..and it was fantastic!

Her voice is powerful, full of gusto and life..absolutely fantastic! I usually feel rather sceptical about seeing an artiste perform live, but hers totally exceeded my expectations. She sounded GREAT live. She perfomed a few numbers from her album but also sang some other songs like coldplay's yellow and an acoustic version of a song. It was cool =) And she looks hot! to think she's in her 30's..? Absolutely amazing…sugoiii neh!!!

Interesting isn't it

Writing about web page

Interesting isn't it how they've totally twisted the justification of raiding iraq, from destroying suspected biological weapons to ending a dictatorship..heh. I know i know..everyone's been talking about it but i just really realised how big the impact was today. How we're very easily swayed by the media subconcsiously changing our thinking. The following was from BBC.

The Iraqi leader said he understood the British people were eager for their troops to return home.He said: "British people have full right to ask this, their sons coming back home, especially if they finished their main job, which was the ending of dictatorship."

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