November 13, 2005

LuCiE rocks!

4 out of 5 stars

I was so happy when hisham told me she was coming to perform in warwick..haha..i went up to sign up for her performance shift asap..and it was fantastic!

Her voice is powerful, full of gusto and life..absolutely fantastic! I usually feel rather sceptical about seeing an artiste perform live, but hers totally exceeded my expectations. She sounded GREAT live. She perfomed a few numbers from her album but also sang some other songs like coldplay's yellow and an acoustic version of a song. It was cool =) And she looks hot! to think she's in her 30's..? Absolutely amazing…sugoiii neh!!!

Interesting isn't it

Writing about web page

Interesting isn't it how they've totally twisted the justification of raiding iraq, from destroying suspected biological weapons to ending a dictatorship..heh. I know i know..everyone's been talking about it but i just really realised how big the impact was today. How we're very easily swayed by the media subconcsiously changing our thinking. The following was from BBC.

The Iraqi leader said he understood the British people were eager for their troops to return home.He said: "British people have full right to ask this, their sons coming back home, especially if they finished their main job, which was the ending of dictatorship."

October 28, 2005


Writing about web page

Well, we always hear of how the oil and gas industry is very lucrative, but i just found out ( i know, how very *frog-under-coconut-shell of me =p) that that fact is mostly due to the high commodity prices of oil and gas…heh..but whaddaya know….BANKING!! These banks are gaining profits per dollar revenue like nobody's business…hehehe..

Oh yeah, pharmaceuticals too..they're amking money..but least those are industries with mainly tangible product outcomes…banking on the other hand..hehehe…they're strategists i tell you..hehe…money for brain..

MAkes me want to hunt for internships even more.. =p

October 25, 2005

Isy…neverending story here i am..first day of week 5 (its already halfway through 1st term, can you believe it?!) and fretting about how little time i have on my hands

I've let MSA go..but then there's other things occupying my time..i recently had my house warming party (i know, week 4..a little late but what the heck..better than never! hehe) That was stressful..heh.Fun though.

Then there was the One World Week forums..i got thinking of proper structure..i have this tak guna leader who does habuk and i do all the rest. Then there's the shopping – i went Cheshire Oaks. Then there's the studies..Hahaha..i've been going to all the seminars and lectures that i could!! PROUD " i could " it refers to the times that i was awake la. And was in time for the blardy buses. I refuse to leave my house 45mins before lecture. I simply refuse!

THen there was em..AGM..and career talks..and salman rushdie's talk..hehe..damn cool..the art centre was crawling with policemen..Then there's the buka puasas..KAk nora's leaving..huhu..=( sob.sob. No more intellectual presence of Dr Amal..he's always very welcoming, open and warm to me. Then there's em..the usual Gallery work..heh..i like working with Tom. he's nice =)

Ok la kut..i'm enjoying my 2nd year tremendously. I know what i want. I work hard to get it. =) Determination bebeh!!

October 18, 2005

Malaysia's 38th!!!

Writing about web page

hehehe…didn't think we'd do that well in the CPI..Its a corruption index!! Not inflation!! ehhe.. =)

38..heh..higher even than Italy, Saudi Arabia, China..hehe..ok la..not that great yet it was still higher than my expectations..

Come on Malaysia..we can do it!!

Malaysia boleh !!!

October 14, 2005


Tak best. No mood at all…not even a wee bit..

There's free iftar at uni but the food's not suitable for first day of fasting ended up with me throwing up after iftar.. far i've just been in my hse..


Disappointing la..feel very em…not filled up with good stuff..

Dah la ppl around me portraying mcm2 childish, i tell you! In the end…haih..just leave them in their own world la.

must take matters into my own hands as always..gonna start the talks series with my hsemates..then can probably ajak them terawikh together also..then hmm..and i've already gotten back into the borrowing books..heh..good good!!

Political Mayhem

Hahaha..ok ok..maybe mayhem was a bit too strong a word..but was rather "big"..

Malaysian Soc..supposed to be all fun and games to me..but woah, what a night that was..last wednesday's AGM.

It was clear to me why i no longer wanted to run, and i am very glad to know that there are people out there who understand. Anyway, cut to the chase…eheheheh…MAN was it political!!

We weren't sure of the to whether or not a non Malaysian could be the president of the soc. But heck, it was just competition…heheheh…so, there were those who wanted to allow Lutfi to run, some who did not…some who believed they worked just as hard for the society to succeed, some "nationalists" who think that they don't deserve it, some who are afraid of a wee bit of competition, some who just for the fun of it, wanted to stand out..

I was rather disappointed by a few candidates, was probably too attached to MSA that i wanted to make sure all goes well in the upcoming year..but after all the planning and the scheming…things just go a certain way i suppose..I was rather emotional that night when i got back home..just didn't like the atmosphere of that meeting..racism, nepotism..heh..all the ism-s la…but heh..coming back "home" is always good for me..i get to forget about all else..

Line up A against line up B..heheh…what a turnout..rather unexpected i suppose but heh..i'm sure it'll turn out has the potential to anyways..Good luck Faeez!

September 19, 2005

Hunting for SPEAKERS

Mainly to just listen to songs and watching movies…

Option 1: Klipsche's Promedia GMX A-2.1

Option 2: Surround sound 2.1

Option 3: 5.1 surround – logitech z5500?

Option 4 : get av receiver n then start hifi speaker collection with 2 bookshelfs..heh.. many!! so confusingg~!!!

September 08, 2005

Envy is good.

HEhe..nothing more entertaining than to look at pictures. Pictures of beautiful people, to be specific. They invoke inspiration, aspiration, motivation, dissatisfaction, and yeah, *envy too. But whoever said that envy was a bad thing. I intend to get in gear to a full body tone when i start uni. Heck, i know i know, looks are all only the surface of things. But i am not blessed with a very high metabolic rate and do not like my not-so-slim figure. So shoot me if i want to be slim.


Heh..also, i took note at how no one on earth right now may be blessed with perfection. If you want *(a) to be big, *(b) would have to be small..or *(c) would also have to be big. YOu'd want *(d) thinner, *(e) bigger, *(f) flatter, and *(g)firmer.. heh…never ending eh..its just never ending.

I can't help it. I do think that the female human being should always be pretty and pleasant to the eyes..Smooth skin, SoFt heels, perfectly trimmed fingernails, beautiful hair.. THat's what makes us feminine.

And hey, to me, appearances DO matter. So shoot me. again.

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