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Dissident Warwick: Who We Are

Dissident Warwick is a publication that is produced by a collective of students who envisage a fairer world, a freer community, and a better university. We strive towards fundamental and radical social change: the market society devastates the bonds between each of us, leaving us all atomised, separated and solitary. We come together and pursue human community as the basis of a new society, where our acts are valued for how they enrich our lives, not how they enrich the wealthy. This publication is an attempt to engage critically with the social realities that surround us.

We are not the management interns, nor the to-be career politicians and bureaucrats, but the campaigners, the activists, the thinkers, the idealists. Unimpressed by the mainstream media, the Careers Fair pamphlets and the political party manifestos, we engage in a creative process, by which we hope to help generate new ideas, concepts and windows of thought for the student who does not merely want to be a worker-in-training. Dissident is no cog in the machine, but a spanner in the works. Our aim is not for readers to passively consume the publication and its contents; we want it to be an instrument for critical thought, debate, and ultimately action to change the world and improve all of our lives.

In this publication there is no one editor. Decision-making and editing are undertaken in a non-hierarchical and collaborative manner by the Dissident Collective. The collective is open to all who want to contribute to the production and editing of the publication. Each issue will reflect the drives, ideas and perspectives of the people directly involved in the production of that issue. All articles published in print, along with their references and sources to support their arguments, will also be published on Warwick Blogs at blogs.warwick.ac.uk/dissidentwarwick, and will be open for discussion.