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April 14, 2011

Comparing printers

At the recently concluded Annual Woxbridge doctoral conference, I had a poster on display. I had printed mine with Warwick Print and it cost me £25.90 for a A1 size poster.

There were only a few of us with posters and I observed that the quality of the posters of the Judge Business School and Said Business School students were much superior than ours. By quality, I am referring to the paper and the printing.  Their posters were on glossy paper and the colours and graphics were much more vibrant and sharper. 

As we were taking the posters down, I commented on the quality of their posters. I found out that the lady had printed her with Oxford printers and it cost her £25 while the guy from Cambridge had printed it withtheir official University printers as well and it cost him only £17. 

I was quite happy that Warwick Print was able to print out my poster at short notice - I had ordered it on Friday and got it on Monday. However, they definitely need to improve the quality of their printing and lower their rates. If Cambridge students can get better quality posters at cheaper rates, why can't we as well?

April 19, 2008

The Spring Doctoral Confernce

Writing about web page

The Spring Doctoral Confernce held here at the Warwick Business School and attended by doctoral students from Judge Business School (Cambridge) and Said Business School (Oxford) was the first conference I was attending ever since I started my PhD. I presented a paper yesterday - purely conceptual.

My paper was "Blogs as a model of consumer collaboration: the shift of locus of control of marketing communication."

My supervisor turned up the presentation room and I am not sure why but I was quite tense.

The presentation went off well though I had to rush through some slides at the end.  I guess I spent too much time on the introduction. It was a good practise for my upgrading which is due sometime in June this year. 

Interesting experience. 

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