December 12, 2010

Seminars and students

In my 3 years working as a tutor for various courses here at the University of Warwick,  I have noticed that most students don't really take the seminar classes or the tutors seriously. 

The exceptions are when they need to work out exercises that might come out in the exam or when they need to work on teams for a group project (which will be evaluated).

Usually the first year students are quite diligent but once they enter the 2nd year, somehow they kind of change. 

It used to be worse but somehow improved after it was required to take attendance for seminars with a minimum required attendance. However, it seems that they are taking it less seriously now.

I heard some talk that were not really happy with the fact that PhD students were taking the classes. The thing is that this is a common practise all over the World especially in the US. Furthermore, many PhD students have years of working experience (sometimes more than the lecturers themselves) that students can benefit from. 

I was wondering whether the students would be more serious about their seminars if they were aware that in many cases (not all), their final exam answers and assignments would be marked by the seminar tutors as well. 

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  1. Sue

    People who mark secondary school exam papers (I have a friend who does) cannot live within a 100 mile radius of the students in order to lessen the likelihood of them knowing anyone whose paper they are marking. This seems like good practice to me as it makes for a more unbiased assessment. Having said that, not everyone thinks exams are the be all and end all:)

    12 Dec 2010, 22:39

  2. Actually when we mark papers, everything is supposed to be anonymous and all we have on the answer sheets are their student numbers. I would expect all lecturers to be totally unbiased and fair in their assessment. However, I guess you can still track the students from the numbers if you wanted to.

    13 Dec 2010, 11:46

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