December 12, 2010

Around 3 months to go before I say bye to this blog

I recently received an email from the IT services saying that my account will expire in a month's time. I informed them that my study had been extended till March next year. Soon, I received a response saying that my account has been extended till March next year in line with my student ID number. 

I was quite surprised as I had thought that all the information would have been automatically updated.

Anyway, that was not what this post was about but the fact that I will have access to my account till March and would be able to blog here till then. So what happens after that?

I don't think IT services deletes any of the blogs because some blogs of guys who have since left the University are still online but not updated. 

I know that my account will be deleted which means that I won't be able to post or edit my posts on this blog or any other blog which I am a member of. Of course, I never expected this to last forever but kind of makes me wonder whether the time and effort you have put into this blog was worth it when in the end, the blog doesn't even actually belong to you. It may be hugely popular with thousands of hits but then in the end it doesn't matter.

Is it even your intellectual property?

So if you want ownership of a blog, a place where you can continue ranting or sharing your intimate thoughts, even after you complete your studies at Warwick or in case you are an employee, happen to get employment somewhere else, it might be better off to blog in Blogger or Typepad or Wordpress.

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  1. Sue

    I see what you mean but the thing is I would have just liked to try out having a Warwick blog as it is more or less the first one I ever came across and it’s certainly the first one I’ve become emotionally attached to. I really can’t see why they should be restricted to people who’ve been to the university. If someone shows a particular interest in being a guest blogger here surely it’s “red tape gone mad” not to just let them have a go to see how it works.

    12 Dec 2010, 12:16

  2. I guess it brings up a number of issues and “control” and “prevention of misuse” is the key issue here.

    12 Dec 2010, 20:11

  3. Sue

    In that case, why make any of the content open to public scrutiny?

    12 Dec 2010, 22:34

  4. That’s a really interesting question. I guess they could open it up for outsiders but then then question is whether the Univ. will be held responsible for content posted on the blogs posted by people who are not linked to the University.

    13 Dec 2010, 11:39

  5. Another option

    Dilip: If I recall correctly, you can continue with your Warwick blog in an alumni capacity if you sign up to Warwick Alumni. Then you can continue to post just as you were before.

    Sue: It’s not ‘red tape gone mad’ as you put it. This is a blog site for staff and students of the University. Why should they incur the costs and responsibilities associated with supporting the blogs of people who are nothing to do with the institution? There are plenty of respected, free to use sites – such as those Dilip noted above – that are established for the wider community to use. Your continued wish to ‘see how it works’ would be just as easily satisfied by any of those options.

    14 Dec 2010, 16:56

  6. Sue

    My wish to see how it works couldn’t be satisfied in any other way, that’s the whole problem. I’m not asking for my own blog just for someone to share theirs with me for a a short time. I don’t understand why that is beyond the realms of possibility. You ask “Why the university should incur the costs and responsibility of supporting me” With that attitude you could just as easily say “Why should they incur the cost for anyone to have a blog.” Anyway, no extra cost would be incurred as I would only be sharing. I think sharing is something to be encouraged.

    14 Dec 2010, 19:03

  7. Thanks for the info Another option. I was not aware that I could continue blogging as an alumni. That’s great to hear.

    Sue I am sorry but I have to agree with Another option. If you want to try out blogging , just open one with It’s totally free.

    14 Dec 2010, 23:03

  8. Sue

    You two might agree with each other but there’s bound to be someone who takes a different view so I’ll continue my quest. My goal isn’t just for any blog, I’ve got one from WH Smith still in it’s cellophane gathering dust, it’s to be included in the one I’ve become accustomed to and grown to love.

    15 Dec 2010, 04:32

  9. Hi Sue, One solution. Just take one of the many wonderful courses here at Warwick. There are loads of short courses and distance learning courses as well. Once you are registered as a student, you can start your own Warwick blog and have a cuppa with me at Costa coffee in Rootes building. ;-)

    15 Dec 2010, 10:02

  10. John

    Nice blog love the read going to have alook around your other blog posts keep up the good work.

    15 Dec 2010, 13:46

  11. Sue

    “A cuppa at Costa Coffee in Rootes building” – life in the fast lane, eh? I’m being facetious, it actually sounds rather nice except she doesn’t like coffee. I think they do tea, though. I’ll look into what courses are on offer. I like coffee.

    15 Dec 2010, 22:46

  12. Rupert Elder

    No idea who I emailed, but I can still post under a new username

    16 Dec 2010, 03:38

  13. Makout

    Its a good place to find porn

    16 Dec 2010, 08:30

  14. Sue

    You were right about the coffee, though. I think that’s been the problem, we had a new person start at work this week and she makes very strong cups of coffee for us both twice a day. Even though it’s always in the morning I don’t seem to be able to sleep if I have more than one cup a day. I was absolutely buzzing last night until about 3.00 am. The strange thing is that I don’t really mind it as I don’t like sleeping much, I never have done.

    16 Dec 2010, 10:04

  15. Thanks for the info Rupert.
    Makout: Porn in Warwick Blogs?
    Sue: Are you sure you were not drinking something stronger than coffee when you wrote this? ;-)

    17 Dec 2010, 10:17

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  17. I hate spam comments. Fortunately the Warwick blogs has a great spam filter.

    06 Jan 2011, 13:16

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