March 01, 2012

Since I graduated

I graduated together with my wife at this year's Winter Graduation Ceremony on the 18th of January. As far as I know, we are the only the married couple to graduate together with PhDs, at the same time.


It's quite funny - while we were doing our PhDs, we could not wait to complete it but now that we have, I realise that I really miss life at Warwick.

I am currently lecturing at Coventry University Business School and had forgotten completely about this blog until reently. I was discussing the topic "Selling is not marketing" with my students and I remembered that I had written a post about this on this blog a few years ago. A search on Google revealed that my old post was actually #3 in the results.

It was really nostalgic going through my old posts and looking at the pictures when I suddenly recalled that alumni members are allowed access their old blogs. I contacted the IT services and they allowed me access using my alumni login. If I am not mistaken, the UNiversity of Warwick is the only University in the World which allows this. Other Universities cut you off the minute you pass out. Says a lot about Warwick I guess.

I hope to be able to continue posting updates on this blog form time to time.

December 19, 2011

Solar panels??

Materials and Analytical Science Building

This is a pic of the new Materials and Analytical Science Building of the Chemistry department which I took sometime back. Was looking at the photograph today I realised that the windows looked quite unique. Are they solar panels?

The building costs £25 million and you can see the construction online via their webcam here.

July 31, 2011

Interview and ebook

1. My interview on blogging is on the Knowledge Centre site. More info here.

2. My first eBook on personal branding and social media for researchers is now available for download. It's totally free.

June 20, 2011

New blog

As my life as a PhD student at the University of Warwick nears the end, I have decided to continue my rants and thoughts on areas of interest on a personalised blog -

However, I will continue blogging here about life in Warwick as long as I am still around in campus.

May 19, 2011

My articles in the Wolfson Research Exchange website

In case you have not heard, the Wolfson Research Exchangehas a brand new website which was just launched today.

I am quite honoured that I played a small part in creating the new site. 

Here are my articles on the site:

Would love to hear your comments/ suggestions for further improving the articles/ guides.

April 14, 2011

Comparing printers

At the recently concluded Annual Woxbridge doctoral conference, I had a poster on display. I had printed mine with Warwick Print and it cost me £25.90 for a A1 size poster.

There were only a few of us with posters and I observed that the quality of the posters of the Judge Business School and Said Business School students were much superior than ours. By quality, I am referring to the paper and the printing.  Their posters were on glossy paper and the colours and graphics were much more vibrant and sharper. 

As we were taking the posters down, I commented on the quality of their posters. I found out that the lady had printed her with Oxford printers and it cost her £25 while the guy from Cambridge had printed it withtheir official University printers as well and it cost him only £17. 

I was quite happy that Warwick Print was able to print out my poster at short notice - I had ordered it on Friday and got it on Monday. However, they definitely need to improve the quality of their printing and lower their rates. If Cambridge students can get better quality posters at cheaper rates, why can't we as well?

April 11, 2011

View from my office window

The WBS Teaching Centre is undergoing renovation and we have moved to our new offices in the Humanities building. I was initially not too happy about the move but I later found out that the new office is not that bad. Ther's a cafe downstairs and the building is near to the bus stand, car park 7 as well as the Library. Best of all our office overlook a japanese garden which I had once covered in my Where in the campus series.

Japanese Gaden

The trees are now flowering and the sight from my window is wonderful. 

We usually resent changes to our comfortable lives but sometimes it can be for the better.

February 16, 2011

Ducks at WBS

ducks wbs

Some ducks. They were not bothered by my presence at all. 

January 25, 2011

Get rid of the vending machine in the WBS Teaching Centre

I am really pissed off. This the second time, I have been ripped off by the vending machine in the WBS Teaching Centre. I put the coin in nothing happened and I couldn't get it out as well.

Also noticed that there were a lot of coins inside which means that I am not the only one who got ripped off. The owners are lucky that it is in a University and inside the WBS teaching centre or it would have been in a bad condition else where.

What made me made mad was the fact that there was no contact information on the machines. At least the ones in the past had a number you could call and they would tell you that you could get your money back from the reception in Rootes Building.

I hope they get rid of the machines soon.

Updated (2:45pm): I finally found the number to call on the University website and someone is coming along.

2nd Update: (4:02pm): No one came and I left as I had a class to take. Came back and can see the coins are still there.

The case of the open gate

This event happened a couple of days back and I forgot to blog about this. Only recalled it today.

Anyway, one day as usual I drove to car park 7 and I noticed that the gate was open and drove in - slowly. Looked at my rear mirror it was still open. Didn't think much about it as this happens sometimes. Was quite happy as this meant that I could use my £3 parking fare for a cup of coffee and with left over money for a muffin.

Anyway, I found a spot, parked my car and came down the stairs and when I reached the ground floor I noticed something strange - the gates were closed. 

I pressed the button at the gate and called up security.  I gave my details and explained what had happened. The guy at the other end told me that it was impossible as he had checked and during that time the gate was functioning normally - there was no way that it could have been open.

However, the fact was that it had been open when I went in, there was no car in front of mine (at least I didn't notice one) and it was still open when I looked back. 

I still have no explanation of what happened that day but the story ended well and I got to park for free that a day. 

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