March 17, 2013

Quality Reflection

Quality Reliability Maintenance Reflection

I have learnt crucial new information about quality, reliability, and maintenance in this module.

Firstly, I spent a comprehensive week that based on quality. The lecture gave us essential points regarding quality such as quality methods. Undoubtedly, I was influenced by the described the quality and its method, thereby I have started to seek high quality products in the end of the lecture. In particular, I feel the need to look for food, which has ISO 9000 certificate. I try to purchase products that have the certificates.

Secondly, I have learned critical information from case study. It cannot be denied that everybody benefited from the case study. This is because we had a chance to determine the quality issues in different sectors such as textile sector. We strived to find the problems and solve them. This was entirely different experience for me. In my opinion, when I start to work for my family’s company, I will be aware about quality methods and it will be get easy to find any quality issues. Furthermore, I benefited from videos showed. I found them fascinating.

Thirdly, My mini project was about six- sigma methodology. Six- sigma is an essential method for organisations in order to manage successfully. I learned how to implement six-sigma in the business. I will work with my family company. Thus, I intend to use six-sigma strategy in the business process. I learned fundamental key points in six-sigma strategy.

Finally, it seems to me that Dr. Marshall and Mr. Steve Warwood mentioned about vital information about quality reliability maintenance. I will use the information in my future job, especially quality methods which are essential in order to reach customer satisfaction. My family’s company intends to attract customers. Using quality methods is one of most effective ways to catch target customers. Therefore, the company needs to implement quality methods effectively and efficiently with using right tools. I learnt to use them correctly.
Dilek Memis

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