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November 08, 2011

Data Collection and processing tool – Yahoo Pipes

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IIPSI Digital Media theme offer a number of business assist for West Midlands based SMEs. A key area that businesses have voted for is Meta Data Collection & Data visualisation. This post will introduce one of the online tools that can help with collecting and processing data - Yahoo Pipes.

The combined twitter feed on the right-hand side of this blog is made by Yahoo pipes from two of our twitter accounts. Yahoo Pipes provides a range of widgets, in this case, we've made use of the following to create the feed:

  1. Fetch Feed: a feed reading function to import RSS, ATOM, etc. Here we used two of them to load twitter feeds from two accounts
  2. Loop: a looping function to read every item in a feed list at a time
  3. String Builder: placed in a loop to assign a new title message to every item
  4. Truncate: only keep the latest five items from each feed
  5. Union: joined multiple feeds into one
  6. Sort: sort items in the new feed by publish time
  7. Done! Output can be exported as RSS, JSON, ATOM, XML, etc.
  8. Once configured, Yahoo Pipes will frequently check the source feeds to update the output. All we need to do is to copy&paste the output URL!

Yahoo Pipes for Digital Media Twitter

There, a codeing FREE tool for SMEs to automatically load target information. Potentially, this could contribute to a small scale of market research, competitor analysis, or much more......

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