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February 16, 2012

Attention – Dropbox users, get extra 5GB to reach 23GB

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Many SMEs found Dropbox a handy tool to sync their files among multiple PCs, mobile devices, etc. However, the SME team here at WMG gets a particular question all the time - how do I get more than 2GB default space?

Now, with the release of dropbox new build - version 1.3.12, we reveal the "black magic" to get 23G for your dropbox account.

Get 5GB within 1 minute:

1. download the new build -

2. Import a photo from your camera or USB key via the new dropbox, get 500MB extra

3. find any 5GB file, rename the file extension as .mp4, put that in your USB key, import via dropbox

4. wait until the status of your dropbox changes to "upload" (from index file), delete the mp4 file from your "camera uploads" folder

5. now enjoy your extra 5GB

Then Get your dropbox to 23GB

1. Invite your friends/staff, get 8GB max

2. Find a email (or .edu if you know someone reading in a US uni), and get this email to join your account. Your space gets doubled to 18.3GB

3. with the 5GB from the previous step, enjoy your 23GB free cloud storage!

For those ones who don't have dropbox yet, get it here:

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