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June 12, 2012

Social Media insights for SMEs

IIPSI's digital innovators Dr. Xiao Ma and Dr. Mark Swift participated in the Social Media World Forum 2012 in March 2012. The event had generated heated debate on best social media practices for businesses especially small and medium size businesses (SMEs). Those key messages/insights for SMEs to improve social media activities has been shared with our SME clients via twitter @coolseraph . Here is a full list of the insights we'd like to share with regional SMEs who is (going to) operate social media activities.

  • Don't push on social media platform, create content worth sharing
  • Google+ is a must have for the time being as google is not indexing Facebook.
  • A lesson to learn - KLM and Nokia have social media customer service team separated from their existing customer service team.
  • Social media should be considered as a separate platform as messages goes public directly!
  • FourSquare may be an ideal platform for virual tour.
  • "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" - Culture and education are key barriers for businesses to take up social media.
  • Get the right contacts from the right platforms. LinkedIn to get professionals, but Twitter to get CEOs.
  • Social media popularity is different from country to country. Knowing the target counry's social media profile first, action second.
  • B2B social media content should be written for customers, not from their own perspectives.
  • Get ur social content right is the key, seo is falling away.
  • Be human behind your brand, think about your user/audience on every message you are sending out.
  • Starting a new group on social media? Monitor other groups for 3 month, if this is good, participate; otherwise, start ur own.
  • why using twitter for your brand? 36% twitter user tweet brand related posts
  • Business should tailor messages on different platforms, define USP according to the user profile on a target platform.
  • Social media marketer should be artist and gambler. Be creative and gamble your ideas.
  • Social Media tips - Suck less if u r not good at it; Be awesome more - do more if you r good at it
  • Building online community? Reward for uses or recognition
  • Never build a community from scratch! Make sure there is a need and no one has done it yet. If your users dont care, they wont come!
  • Building online community? If the content is niche, keep it niche. Don't worry about the most of the world not undemanding it.
  • If you dont go mobile it's as effective as shutting your shop on a Tuesday

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