October 08, 2005

Jack Johnson…

Writing about web page http://www.jackjohnsonmusic.com

…is an absolute god. Just got all three of his albums, and the man is majestically talented. His new one's good (In Between Dreams – it's advertised on the telly) but personally I think On and On's better. Go get them and be amazed in wonderment and happifulness.

Why are you still here? I said go!


I forgot I had a blog…

…until I saw someone else's on their MSN space thingy. Which prompted me to rekindle my love affair with typing unnecessary sentences into my computer box and watching them spring, ethereal, into life here on the Information SuperDualCarriageway.

I am in Enfield. Which is in Middlesex. And I am working full-time as a genuine actual software developer type person, for which they pay me (almost) handsomely. It is a nice break from the world of being a student, and spending money you don't really have.

So. Got a 2.1 last year, which was fine. 65% is pretty good I think for the absoute bitchfest which was our exam period. Then there was summer, with the London bombings, recrimination, inquiry, war, me going to Malta, more war, Katrina and the Ashes. Sounds like a band doesn't it? No, wait, that was Katrina and the Waves. Little touch of ironic foresight from whoever named those Irish pop wankers.

My beautiful and lovely girlfriend Amisha is in Venice. I just got back from visiting her, and the place is truly very pretty. But it stinks. And Italian bureaucracy is utterly frustrating. She needs a passport to get library books out. Amazing their economy isn't doing better….

I'm bored now. I tire easily when doing mundane tasks. Think i'll go and play Super Monkey Ball 2.

Remember, life is what you make it.

And you're not paranoid if they are watching you.


January 27, 2005

The depression brought on by rain…

Rain is truly depressing. The overcast sky, the trickle of cold water down the back of your neck where your collar doesn't quite cover you properly, the getting your socks wet when you step into a puddle. All these things contrive to make a rainy day miserable.

And yet…

Rain is also wonderful. Without it, we would obviously die, as anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of the food chain will know. Also, rain in the summer is awesome, because it's all warm and stuff and you can go for a run in it and it's extremely refreshing. And it keeps the lawn green. At home we refuse to use sprinklers on the lawn in summer because it's a waste of water. Unlike those evil pensioners nextdoor who water their lawn at night during a hosepipe ban so no-one'll know.

But I know. I've been watching…

Actually I was just putting the dog out for her pre-going-to-bed pee, but same effect.

I'm sure they'd like some more rain in Africa. Maybe they could have some of ours? It hardly seems fair, the amount of rain that we've got.

Any thoughts on rain? Feel free to respond, if you have by chance stumbled upon my little province.


Who is that girl?

Who is that girl in the top left of my page? Do you recognise her? I didn't give her permission to be on my page.

Anyone who has any information will be handsomely rewarded.

With cake.

Or doom.


January 24, 2005


And so it begins. Today is an almight day in the history of the world as I, the Creator, embark upon my journey of awesome destruction, cutting a swathe of terror and awe through the bushy undergrowth of the land they call 'Inter-net'. Let all tremble in my presence.

You may say you were here on this historic day. You may not. I care little. Rest in peace mortals.


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