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January 10, 2007

My blog has an abusive graffiti–ist

Follow-up to SeppWatch 2 from No I said DublIN marathon

Well it seems I have a secret admirer that finds it amusing to write abusive comments on my blog. Ho hum. After two deletions of the comments and the subsequent reposts, I’ve decided they can stay.

Well, Jimbob, congratulations, you’ve earned your own entry:

A new comment was posted on your entry: ‘Why I Hate: The Chip & Pin machines in University outlets Part Deux
I think your a fucking fag gay boy

A new comment was posted on your entry: ‘Why I Hate: The Chip & Pin machines in University outlets’
are you a fag

A new comment was posted on your entry: ‘SeppWatch 2’
Jimbob is not scared of you faggot

edit: Commenting privileges removed.

September 29, 2005

Well that's f***ing helpful

Writing about web page

Right, so once again Warwick Blogs and Netscape 7.1 prove incompatible. I try to leave a comment without signing in and get bounced as I can't actually see the anti-spam question… (see screenshot)

OK so you have to squint a bit, but it really isn't there

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